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Art and Culture - Indian Dance and Music Schools North America >> Indian Dance / Music and Culture schools and acdemies

Classical Indian dance and music of different genera -- South Indian, North Indian, classical, Hindustani, Carnatic-- are taught in schools and academies across the US. In this and other pages of the Art & Culture section of you will find extensive listings of academies, dance, music and other schools offering training in Carnatic, Hindustani, Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, filmi fusion, bhangra, bhajans, devotional songs & semi-classical songs and several other forms. This comprehensive collection is unique on the web since most other music academy, dance school, institutes or listings of gurus on the web are either classifieds or restricted to a few cities. Please click on the appropriate state to go to the actual listing.

Alternatively, you may go to the regional page listing : 
Indian Dance and Music Schools in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland
Indian Dance and Music Schools in New York and New Jersey
Indian Dance and Music Schools in North-East of North America
Indian Dance and Music Schools in South-East of North America
Indian Dance and Music Schools in Mid-West of the US
Indian Dance and Music Schools in Chicago and Illinois
Indian Dance and Music Schools in Texas
Indian Dance and Music Schools in North-West of North America
Indian Dance and Music Schools in South-West of the US

Indian Dance and Music Academies in Canada
Indian Dance and Music Academies in Greater Toronto Area

Shops and stores selling Music equipment and instruments

Alternatively, you may select from the states below to view the complete listings

By narrowing it down to the state it may be able to people search for professors or programs better suited to where you live. That doesn't rule out traveling for the right program though.
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
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West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming   Canada  

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Online India Performing Arts Classes :We offer classes in various forms of of performing arts from India. Our artists are very highly accomplished performing artists who have performed both in India and abroad.

Carnatic music appreciation

Carnatic music is the traditional classical music of South India and is believed to have its origins from the Vedas.It is based on the melodic and rhythmic patterns with improvised variations.It has a very structured learning pattern devised by one of the greatest composers Sri.Purandaradasa.

Age -a barrier to music appreciation?

No, Age is not a barrier to listen to and appreciate music. Most of us are lovers of music ,though the genre of music may vary from person to person.It is proved that even babies have this innate sense of melody and rhythm.Some of us are exposed to music from a very early stage and have imbibed this art by structured learning. However,there are others who never got to listen to this style of music for many reasons

Yes,music in itself has many positive aspects.Infact,Carnatic music is believed to have a divine origin -and is one such style of music which brings in a lot of positivity by unleashing our latent energy and reduces the stress from our day today life.

Where to Start?
Initially,One need not go to a concert or a show to appreciate music Could be anywhere…at home,while driving or even at the workplace..

We need to get familiarised with the ragas by listening to it often. For those with very less musical background this might be sound very difficult.Over many decades,the South Indian film industry has had a great influence of Carnatic music and some of the carnatic compositions have also featured in the films even in the recent.Yes, we are indirectly assocaited with Carnatic music even while singing the film numbers. The only difference is that we are not aware of the structure and scales of the melody and rhythms.Listening to different tunes can help us over a period of time to relate the film song to a carnatic raga with great ease.And this in turn develops
our ability to appreciate it in a much better way.

Similar is the case when we attend a concert…We take great interest when an artist renders our favourite number.Why is that so? Its because we are very familiar with the song and can even appreciate the nuances of the song.And sometimes we get so engrossed in them and appreciate the song by tapping feet or shaking heads.Due to the advancement in technnology we have numerous compositons of many great artists made available on the inernet.One must use this great opportunity to explore and use them effectively.

Role of Parents

Parents can start encouraging their children by making them listen to some popular songs/compositions,and give them greater exposure by taking them to different concerts. This will gradually iniate them into music and in the long run will help them to get familiarised with not only the songs but will also help them to analyse and appreciate it.In addition to this, we have professional vocalists visiting overseas for concerts/lecdems and master classes.One must avail this great opportunity to further enhance their interest in music.And the results are incredible..This early initiation in to Carnatic music will not only bring in discipline but also make them good rasikas/listeners of Carnatic music.

Why wait till later? Lets start our learning process and become a better `Rasika'

[Article by Chithra Ramakrishnan, Founder & Artistic Director of Shruthi UK a non-profit organization for South Asian Arts based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Visit Chithra's Blog ]




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