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Chicago and Illinois, Art and Culture - Indian Dance and Music Schools  North America >> Art & Culture >> Mid-Western United States

Classical Indian dance and music of different genera -- South Indian, North Indian, classical, Hindustani, Carnatic-- are taught in schools and academies across the US. In this and other pages of the Art and Culture section of you will find extensive listings of academies, dance, music and other schools.

This comprehensive collection is unique on the web since most other music academy, dance school, institutes or listings of gurus on the web are either classifieds or restricted to a few cities. 

The individual associations and academies are responsible for their links. Please click on the appropriate state to go to the actual listing

Colorado // Idaho // Illinois // Indiana // Iowa // Kansas  // Louisiana // Michigan // Minnesota // Mississippi // Missouri // Montana // Nebraska // Nevada // North Dakota // Ohio // Oklahoma // South Dakota // Texas // Wisconsin // Wyoming // All other States

ILLINOIS and Chicago area South Asian Art and Culture Academy

Bollywood Rhythms
Offers Dancing classes for Filmi songs for all languages, folk dances and can also choreograph songs for all occasions
Contact Location: Naperville, IL, Email:  or Phone: (630) 357-9293

Gauri Jog - Kathak Dance
Teaches Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance) at Schaumburg, IL (a Chicago suburb).
Contact (847) 755-9625 for further details.

Dance Classes in Naperville, IL
Ms. Harini Subramanian, an ardent disciple of the legendary dancer Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam offers dance lessons in Bharatanrithyam in Naperville, IL. Under her guru's tutelage, she has been trained in Bharatanrithyam for over 14 years and has also been a teaching staff at her guru's dance institution in Chennai, India. Her method of teaching is based on her guru’s research findings and strictly adheres to the Natya Sastra tradition. For details please email: or Telephone: (630) 995-0416

India Classical Music Society
Organizes North and South Indian classical music concerts and dances in the Chicago area. Email: Shelly Kumar
Address: 2025 Collett Lane, Flossmoor, IL 60422.  Phone: (708) 798-2025

Indian dance and Music class
Asha teach carnatic classical music along with Keerthans, Light Music, Bajans, Shloka?s ,good film songs and Classical dance - Bharathanatyam along with Kuchupudi, semi-classical, Fusion dance, Dance dram?s .Beginners and only particular song/dance classes also available. Location: Naperville IL USA. For more information Email: or   Phone:248-229-2769

Kalapriya students explore the fundamentals of Bharata Natyam, all the while building up their self assurance, health, and coordination. Rhythmic patterns and story telling movements are introduced to the dancers to explore the dance steps and theatrical expressions associated with Bharata Natyam. Email: or   Phone:773 363-9303

Manasarovar Kathak
Recently moved from Seattle, WA, Kathak exponent offers private training to interested individuals around the Chicago area at her residence. Kathak is a north indian classical dance form and draws many similarities to Flamenco and tap. Archana Kumar, is a professionally trained modern dancer as well, and as a contemporary artist, her sessions imbibe techniques of modern dance into kathak while understanding the finer nuances of this graceful , ancient dance form. In Seattle, her 1-on-1 sessions have gained much popularity and reviews and she hopes to share her artistic knowledge with the Chicago community as well. She also accepts and offers training in small groups (max 4) as she believes in offering quality training and delivering authentic information thereby developing a deeper and long-term relationship with her students. Contact Archana Kumar. Telephone: 773.600.2282 or e-mail:

Natya Dance Theatre
Under the artistic leadership of Hema Rajagopalan, this one of the most critically acclaimed and culturally treasured Indian dance companies in the United States. Natya was founded in 1974, in Chicago, IL. The highly innovative work of NDT offers profound and subtle expressions of humanity's deepest questions and values in the context of our present-day lives. Rooted in Bharata Natyam, one of the great classical dance forms of India, NDT preserves and perpetuates Bharata Natyam in all its classical rigor, and moves the art form in innovative directions to foster cultural exchange through dance. NDT's contemporary interpretations incorporate dynamic body movement, rhythmic footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions to convey meaning and emotion that create rasa, aesthetic experiences that spiritually transform audiences worldwide. Address: 410 South Michigan Ave, Suite 725 Chicago, IL 60605-1387 Email: or   Phone:312.212.1240

Nrithya Geetanjali Dance Academy
Learn Bharatanatyam, Nattuvangam & folk dances of Tamil Nadu from Anupama Rajesh, student of Guru Smt Rajee Narayan in Aurora, IL. Accepts students in small batches & makes learning this glorious art form enjoyable & fun for the kids & adults alike.
Contact email
Anupama Rajesh or phone 630-5856956

Natraj Dance Academy
Established in 1983. Classes in Bharatanatyam and other Classical Dance Styles offered at various locations in the Chicago area. For more information call Vijayalakshmi (847) 634-4679

R K Academy of Performing Arts
Located at Schaumburg, IL 60194. Specialized in teaching and choreographing BharatNatyam dance, Bollywood dance and Folk dances. Contact Pika Munshi, e-mail: | Phone: 847-882-3593 or 847-687-0173 (C)

Saregama School of Music
Hitesh Master made his home in Chicago in 1998 with a single goal of bringing the high quality music to the Indian and Pakistani community of Chicago and the surrounding States. He established Orchestra Saregama with his colleagues who also made Chicago their home.
Conductor: Hitesh Master, e-mail: | Cell Phone: 847 322-9451 

Samskriti offers year round classes in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Carnatic Vocal Music, Yoga, and Vedic Chants. 'Gurukulam' cultural camp is held every summer for kids ages 5 and above. Call (630) 527-1498 for class information.  Contact: Shoba Natarajan
3463 Parliament Lane | Naperville, IL 60564  Tel: (630) 527-1498 | Fax: (630) 527-1898

Sampradhaya School of Music, Palatine & Grayslake suburbs of Chicago
Founder & Director–Jayashree Venkatesh. Class Types–Vocal & ViolinIn Person and Online Lessons to students in US, UK and Canada
Sampradhaya School also offersadvanced workshops in vocal music by Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan on voiceand singing techniques’s of the trinities and gems of Padmabhushan Smt. D.K.Pattammaland Dr.Nithyasree's own popular songs. The session would include rare kriti's, raga alapana/kalpana swara techniques, Ragam Thanam Pallavi techniques etc depending on student levels. Thissession isavailable to progressing singers andmusicteachers in the US, UK and Canadaboth in person and online. Please contact Jayashree at 847-682-2287 if you would like to register a spot since session sizes are limited. Conductor: Hitesh

Sonia's Dance Rhythm
A studio based in Naperville and Schaumburg and specializes in teaching Bollywood dance to the latest songs from Bollywood Movies, folk. E-mail: | Phone: 630-728-8983

Tabla Lessons, Sitar Lessons, Voice Lessons & Tabla Tarang Lessons
Sandip Burman is an internationally touring professional musician and he teaches tabla, sitar, voice and tabla tarang in Chicago, IL when he is not touring- especially during the U.S. summer. He has students that are beginners and professionals and all ages. Children classes are always on-going. Group and private lessons are available as well as online lessons via Skype. Phone: (773) 294-2091 | Website: | Email:

Vocal Classical Karnatak Music, and Veena classes offered in Chicago, IL
Dr.Prasad has been performing and teaching music for more than 30 years and is currently training students in U.S., Canada, UK, and India. Vocal music, and Veena classes are offered for both basic, and advanced levels in Chicago, IL. Both over the phone, and via the Internet lessons are offered in U.S., Canada, and U.K. by Dr. Jaishree Prasad , a well known performing veena artist, musician, research scholar, academic advisor, music composer, professor, AIR artist, and author of the book "Veena in the Theory, Practice and Experiments in Karnatak Music" . Dr. Prasad is a disciple of the Legendary maestro Dr.V. Doreswamy Iyengar. For details please contact via tel: 847-439-2306 or email: allows you to compare and purchase travel insurance plans online. Compare premiums, coverage, pr-existing condition limitations, refunds, policy ratings for plans that suit your needs. Ideal for friends, family, students and tourists visiting from India. Did you find this information useful? If so, please help support

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Note: Page last updated: June 2017





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