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Garamchai.Com is poised to become one of the best web portals encompassing all desi (Indian)  information for Indians residing in the US. We started this  venture in October 1999, and are currently averaging over 85,000-100,000 unique  visitors a day.  The visitors to are predominantly Indians, NRIs, Indo-Americans  and others based in the US and the North America interested in Indian information. We are working towards making Garamchai.Com the only FREE web reference for all your Indian needs in the US. We do not require users to register or share personal information while viewing listings Site Current Statistics

Our primary audience is the Indian-American population in the US, ‘desi in pardes’ as we like to call them. As per the 2000 United States Census, Asian Americans constitute 3.6 percent of the United States population, nearly 10 million people. We get close to 15 to 20 thousand hits on, about 60 percent repeat Visitors.

Page Views: .5 Millions/month
No. of Hits: 2.5 Millions/month
Average time on site: 15:30 Min.
Unique visitors /Day more then 15-20,000
Web site Visitors: Non Resident Indians, NRIs, High tech professionals, Students and residents of North America interested in Indian and Indo-American Culture.
Age Group 20 - 65


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Contact Garamchai.Com to Advertise Online

Advertisement rates for Banners displayed on Garamchai.Com are subjective and depend on the duration, depth of contract and all other factors. Drop us a note for the current rate-sheet based on your specific campaign at webmaster@GaramChai.comAn indicative list of web pages and depth of content can be viewed at our sitemap online.

Note :

1. The advertising rates are subject to change at any time.
2. Pricing does not reflect the cost of developing the Banner(s).
3. The banners will be hosted on our server along with
4. Initial contracts will generally be for three months after which we reserve the right to terminate the contract.
5. We reserve the right to display more than one banner on any page.
6. This contract can be terminated at any time.
7. Please read the Agreement before sending your banner to Garamchai.Com .
8. If you are interested in advertising on GaramChai.Com, please read the Agreement and visit the various pages.  Let us know the pages you might be interested in advertising on and we will provide you with a quote. 


FAQ on Advertising on

What is our USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

There are a number of web sites that provide information on India, news on India etc, but there is a void when it comes to ‘directory’ where anyone of Indian/South-Asian origin in the US can find all the necessary information. The need for an information portal for the Indian community in the US continues.

We are working to design the most comprehensive information portal, an information hub where all desis -- people of Indian origin -- will be able to find information on things of interest to them.

The assets of include over 500 pages of content, many enjoying the top search-engine ranking in their respective categories. An application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had been filed to register GaramChai® as a Service Mark

We attempt to provide a complete list of information on Indian temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, Indian restaurants, Indian shops and bazaars, Indian beauticians, immigration links, listings of Indian talents in the US, Indian charities and adoption agencies, listings of dance and music schools, Indian movie halls, matrimony and everything else that a person of Indian origin could be looking for in North America. (For a comprehensive list of categories, you may visit’s sitemap online).

Our lists are categorized according to regions and are designed to be easy to find. Ease of navigation with minimal scripting ensures speedy display of information, even to novice users.

Some of the most popular sections on include the Phone Rates, Temples, Gurudwaras, Dance and Art Academies, Matrimonial, Online Shopping, Travel, Insurance etc. continues to be among the “Top 10” on Google!! Review with the following search keys (indicative list)
“Indian travel insurance”
“Indian travel agencies in LA”
“Indian travel agents NJ”
 “Indian jewelers”
“indian wedding invitations”
“bridal mehndi”
hindu temple US”
“houston hindi movie”

Why Advertise Online on Garamchai.Com?

Online Advertising is taking off in a big way. Some of the interesting trends in this space include:

  • The Online Ad Surge : But while DoubleClick fades, scores of companies are storming into the growing world of online advertising. They range from tech outfits that create new forms of banners and skyscrapers to advertising startups that tie together vast networks of publishers, from fishing sites to political blogs. "Net advertising is only nine years old, and everybody's just now getting started," says Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of BlueLithium, a San Jose (Calif.) advertising company. Those who manage to climb atop the Internet's advertising wave are in for a wild ride.
  • Web commerce venturesThe era of dotcom demise is being followed by a slow rebirth. Writing about the various sources of revenue for Web portals, our founding partner  MOHAN BABU explains why he continues to be surprised by the strength and resilience of businesses on the Web.
  • Revival of interest in Web portals: In the second part of his series on successful Web portals, our founding parther  MOHAN BABU  writes about the sources of revenue for small niche portals. He takes the example of

Who are your typical advertisers? advertisers range from small-businesses and individual service providers to large blue-chip companies targeting the niche NRI, Non-Resident and High net-worth individuals in the US, Canada and North America Past advertisers of

I don't have a web site, how can I advertise?

We have extensive listings of businesses, bazaars, dance and music schools, mehndi and others on We offer a low one-time fee for adding listings (address, phone and URLs) on In addition, we can create a single page for you, residing on our server, with some information about your business and contact information. We charge extra for such services.

Does provide/create banner ad design for us?

Yes, but we charge extra for creating banner ad designs.

What are the pages and sections available?

You may visit the pages listed on our sitemap and select the pages with ‘Google Adsense’and Yahoo advertisements that may be released for your campaign.

What are the Rates?

For contracts of more than 2 month duration, and for contracts of more than one page, we offer discount of 20% on the total contract. Request a rate card by Contacting us


Banner Exchange with Garamchai.Com

We are willing to have a banner-exchange under certain circumstances.Please send us a mail to in order to discuss the details of Advertisements/Banner Exchange.Check out our Sample Banners page




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