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Return To India: For NRI and Global Indians looking to Return To India, R2I >> Sitemap >> Return 2 India

Multinational companies and organization find the Global Indians an attractive resource pool. NRIs, Indians from the west are beginning to come back home, and those hoping to return are finding multiple avenues that they can explore. Sections of Interest:

Corporations hiring returning to India NRIs
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Forums on Returning To India
FAQ on Returning to India
Articles on Returning Home
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Dual Citizenship and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)

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For other listings on, including NRI finance, life in the US etc  please visit our Sitemap. You may also be interested in Career section of

Here is a select list of Information technology companies actively hiring NRIs and returnees:

  • HP Labs India  We are offering some exciting and challenging career opportunities for those with PhDs in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with expertise in our foci areas and who are willing to move back to India. The positions call for an ability to carry out world-class research and evangelize ideas to a global audience.

  • L&T Infotech: The company is actively looking for technocrats and NRI's interested in a move back.

  • Motorola's Return to India Program:  With development centers in Hyderabad (India), Southborough (MA, USA), Tempe (AZ, USA), Loughborough (UK) and Shanghai (China), Motorola is seeking returnees.

  • Network Appliance, Inc. NetApp Banglore is looking for about 35 Indian citizens. NetApp wants to hire them in US and move them to India, the pay scale is great and total relocation is paid for.
  • ipro Technologies:  Wipro Technologies hiring is not limited to those based in India. We realize that as a professional working outside the Indian sub-continent you might be interested in exploring opportunities in India, especially if you have worked in India in the past and would like to return.

Select Listings

  • NRI Section of Reserve Bank of India: This site, hosted by RBI should be considered the 'official' stance on issues pertaining to policies and administration of NRIs, a must read for returning NRIs.Facilities for Non-Resident Indians and FAQ including "Who is a non-resident Indian (NRI)?" "Who is a person of Indian Origin?""What is an OCB?" "What are the various facilities available to NRIs/OCBs?"

  • Return to India Musings: when a home becomes a golden egg
  • Life lessons on relocating to India: Six lessons from a six year old - "About a year ago, I was at the crossroads, wondering about work-life decision I had to take. My dad, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a while ago was starting to gradually slow down. My aging parents lived alone in Bangalore, and I got the dreaded phone call from my mother on the verge of breakdown herself, asking for help."

Forums on Returning To India

  • Portal with articles, discussion forums and other aspects of returning to India
  • Return 2 India Lessons Learnt : As someone who has recently endeavored the returning back to India journey, I can say that it has not been a easy path and there are many times we wished we could talk to someone who has gone through.
  • Family aspects of Returning to India. Intersting discussions in a new website for Indian ladies. Indian ladies living around the world come here to discuss various topics, engage in a dialogue, ask questions, get help, share tips and along the way build authentic and enduring friendships. One of the topics heavily discussed in this forum is the family aspects of returning to India. Please check the following two discussions as a starting point.”

Reverse Exodus: High-tech Indian Immigrants Returning Home: By Mira Kamdar: Sri Renganathan had made it in America - she owned a lovely home and had a good job with Intel. But three years ago, she and her husband decided to move back to India. They headed to Bangalore, her hometown, where she was able to keep her job with Intel, before moving on to a better position with another high-tech company. Her husband, who'd been laid off in the wake of the tech-bubble bust of 2001, started his own biotech consulting business. "Ours was a one-way move," says Renganathan of her family's return to India. "We sold the house and packed up and came." Renganathan and her husband are among the tens of thousands of Indians who, despite having more than achieved the American dream, are voting with their feet to return home. This is not the mythic immigrant saga most Americans imagine. India's economic boom is now offering returning Indians things that simply didn't exist there when they left: U.S.-level salaries and an American lifestyle, including gated communities with manicured lawns and swimming pools, shopping malls filled with familiar brands, and international schools for their children. - San Jose Mercury News

Check out other articles on the topic

Blogs on Returning to India

  • Delhi Ledger: Blog by Prashant Jeloka & Meenal Bagla, who moved back to India from the United States after 12 years.
  • India Repeat: Blog by Roona, who moved back to India from the United States about 6 months ago. She has been blogging about experiences in moving back.
  • IndiaRepeat:Blog about the R2I journey of a "little nuclear family" from the east coast of the United States to Pune
  • Moving to India: Cost of Living'How much will it cost me to live well in Mumbai or Delhi?' This was the question I posed to many of my friends in India prior to my move. Analysis by Vikram Chachra
  • So where do I stand? : Shivalik says"Been over two months since I ve moved back from the US. Getting used to the Indian day to day life. So much has happened, finally got myself a new car, known as the Chevy Aveo - Red in color, reason being, my son and I both love red, wifey is not too concerned with the color of the car. We have moved into our rented apartment in bangalore, which is quite near the airport literally walking distance. Have also gotten a driver and a local maid, who will help out (hey what is the point of living in India if one has to drive by him/herself)?"
  • NRI: The Non Returning Indian? Surya Ramkumar's Blog
    "Perhaps I went home with lots of expectations - after all, every thing I read about India in popular press seemed to indicate that the country has become radically different.
  • New Delhi Times : Experiences of Gaurav Bhatnagar, IITD graduate returning after a few years with Microsoft in Redmond
    "India is a growing fast. There are lot of new opportunities now. The software sector is going through a boom. India is truly shining in many ways"
  • Return Ticket: Our Return Journey 16 years later: "Last week marked pretty big changes for us which is making us go through so many mixed and conflicting emotions. We both had our last working days at our jobs and right immediately had the shippers pack up and take away all the stuff from our home leaving us with a 'Empty home', but a 'Heavy heart'".
  • Saro's Corner: : Return to India, US Travel, Post R2I & Stock Trading experiences
  • Some Random Points on Reverse Migration : Mahadevan Ramesh writes from Chennai "India has become quite modern too. Familiarize yourself with the modern banks, schools, computers, plane reservation, shopping, investing etc. Qualitatively, there should be very little difference in all these activities between the USA and India."
  • Query on Yahoo Answers : How much money do you need to retire in India ?
  • Wyra's Blog: A blog about returning from Houston to Hyderabad
  • : An interesting article

Book Review

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The book is available in India online from McGraw-Hill India and from Amazon Kindle and Indian book sellers:
Jain Book Depot

Planning to return to Indian and want to learn more about the workings of Offshoring companies? Check out the new book: Offshoring IT Services : A Framework for Managing Outsourced Projects. Written by Mohan Babu K, an executive with Infosys, the book is a must-read for NRIs and others interested in working in multi-cultural and multinational environments.


This is a timely book that provides guidance on the various issues associated with offshoring or outsourcing IT projects. I found the chapters on communication and cultural differences to be of particular interest. - Dr. Nancy R. Mead Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University

Mohan Babu K has written a highly user-friendly book, illuminating many facets of global IT management from all points of the offshoring spectrum. This author understands offshore practices from the inside out, having IT experience both in North America as well as in India. One of the most attractive features of nearly every one of the book's chapters is the content related to culture, communication and virtual work -- along with insight about the management of technical and project issues. With the integration of both project and (what some may view as) "soft" issues, Mohan continually reminds the reader to consider the human and cross-cultural elements operating on global teams. This book will benefit anyone working across time, distance and culture. - Deena Levine Global Business/Cross-Cultural Consulting []

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