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Adoption, Adopting, children and Indian  Social Links >> Adoption

On this page of we present information on Adoption of children from India and is especially targeted at NRIs and people of Indian origin looking to adopt and support children in India.

The page also has extensive listings on Indian Charities and social organizations working with Non Resident Indians and people of Indian origin. Individual organizations are responsible for their links. Please use due diligence while dealing with the organizations and associations.  

Indian Child Adoption Links ::  Guidelines for adoption of Indian children  

Official Links:

The Embassy of India: Guidelines for adoption of Indian children. Contains extensive information on: Role of Government of India, List of Recognized Foreign Agencies for Adoption, Procedure to be followed etc.

Adoption Of An Indian Child: High Comission of India in Singapore: Procedure for the Adoption of an Indian Child by a Foreigner or NRI. Obtain all relevant documentation (Click here to see list of required documents) to support your application for adoption.

United States U.S. Embassy New Delhi, India: Procedure for an American citizen to adopt an Indian orphan child.

Adoption - US Consulate General Mumbai, India: Immigrant Visas .

US State Department: [Intercountry Adoption: India] U.S. immigration and visa laws provide for advance approval of an adoption petition on Form I-600A by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security (BCIS) office that has jurisdiction over your place of domicile. Includes a list of U.S Government authorized adoption agencies.

Public Links

India Adoption FAQ: Answers questions like What are the requirements to adopt a child from India? How long does it take to adopt a child from India? How much does it cost to adopt a child from India?

THE I.A.I.C. website: Support, information and resources for Indians adopting Indian children.

Ours by choice is a sensitive study of adoption issues, in the Indian Socio-Cultural context and responds well, to the needs of Adoptive Parents.

The Voluntary Co-ordinating Agency is an association registered under the Societies Registration Act and is a centralized agency for adoption in the State. The Voluntary Co-ordinating Agency for Child Adoption, Tamil Nadu is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act,1975.

Commonwealth works in the state of Maharshtra. In India, the international adoption process is managed by CARA, the Central Adoption Resource Authority. Commonwealth is enlisted by CARA to work with their approved orphanages.

Children's Hope International .

Bal Jagat Childrens World - Bal Jagat is a private, non-profit inter-country adoption agency. It's programs currently include China, Guatemala, India, Romania, Russia, and Vietnam. Address: 5199 E. Pacific Coast Highway, #204,Long Beach, CA 90804. Phone:(562) 597- 5029 or

Ichild    India Adoption, Information, Support & Resources

The Raji Krishna Adoption Seva: A portal on adopting and raising children from India

Pani:  Open to hearing from families interested in adoption in general, or from anyone who is concerned about the underprivileged - especially children - who do not receive a fair share of the world's riches.

Articles of Interest

Chennai Online Interesting articles on Adoption: ""Orphaned children can have a normal life too, if somebody adopts them and takes them away from the confines of their orphanage. And for childless couples, adoption is a way out of lack of progeny, a way in which they also ensure a meaningful life for an abandoned child. But the hurdles one faces in adopting a child are many, as one finds out at the Voluntary Adoption Homes in Tamil Nadu. When a couple comes over to adopt a child, their ordeal begins there. For them to attain the status of ?parent?, they have to go through a series of rigorous test stages and processes which prompt most of the people seeking to adopt a child to call it quits somewhere in between. Interest gives way to frustration, and it results in word spreading far and wide that adoption is a burdensome process."

Complete Adoption Formalities In India: Court

NEW DELHI: At a time when several foreigners have expressed willingness to adopt tsunami-hit children in southern India, a city court has said foreign nationals wanting to adopt Indian children should complete the adoption formalities in the country and not take them abroad on guardianship rights. The judgment, said legal experts, is timely and reiterates the importance of following the adoption guidelines laid down by the government following Supreme Court's directions aimed at limiting the scope for child abuse by foreigner guardians. Advocate Sanjay Parikh welcomed the judgment. He said: "Despite guidelines, incidents of child abuse by foreign parents have come to light and it is encouraging that the court has stepped in to emphasise the measures to safeguard the interest of adopted children." District judge Rekha Sharma observed, while deciding on a petition by two foreign nationals who wanted to adopt an Indian girl, that foreign nationals wanting to adopt Indian children should follow the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 which requires them to adopt the child within the country, and not the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 (GAWA).
Under GAWA, Indian courts could only grant guardianship rights to the foreign national who could adopt the child as per the rules of his/her country.

"Why should an Indian child be left to the mercy of foreign parents for his ultimate adoption in the country of origin of such parents, when we now have an act which provides for such an adoption," Sharma said while deciding a petition in which NGOs and the Delhi Council of Child Welfare sought its permission to give orphaned children to foreign nationals.

Advocate Ajay Tandon, who was associated with the adoption case of Anokha - daughter of a Alwar taxi driver - said: "The judgment is timely and it should alert all those agencies involved in the adoption of tsunami-hit children."

Advocate Meenakshi Arora said: "It is important to ensure all the procedures laid down by the government and the Child Adoption Resource Agency are followed to check child abuse by parents abroad." - Times Foundation

Another Article: OCI cardholders to get some NRI privileges




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