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Calling Plans, Phone rates, VOIP, International call & Telephone Cards >> Phone Rates

Note: This site has extensive listing of cheap calling cards, calling plans, pre-paid and billed phone rates and plans for calling within the US, and from America to all corners of the globe -- US, UK, Europe, America, Canada, Asia, India, Australia. Because of the wide range of rates provided by individual calling card companies, Telco's and long distance career, individuals have an overwhelming choice. Feel free to research the individual plans and phone rates and long distance services provided by individual companies. Many providers also offer special deals for calls to select metro's in India from USA including calls to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras, Hyderabad, Calcutta etc. Send us a note if you find a hot deal you want to share with others, send us a mail. In this page, you will find a number of providers of telecommunication services, many of who service clients directly online. Please feel free to contact them directly. You may also be interested in our VoIP Section of

India Calling Plans//  Free PC-To-Phone Deals //  Voice Over IP (VoIP) // Calling Plan Comparisons

India Calling Plans

$5 Free Calls to Try Pingo India Calling&n bsp;Cards at just 7.6 cents a min.: Call anywhere in India on your home or mobile phone for just 7.6 Cents a Min. Plus receive $5 in FREE Calls when you sign up for $20. That's like paying 6 cents a min for Pingo's India calling card rates Plus as a new customer, you'll receive an additional 10% off when you enter coupon code springcall06 on the 2nd page of the sign up process.

All World Phone - U.S. and International Calling Plans - U.S. and International Calling Plans - Want to keep in touch with friends and loved ones without worrying about high bills? All World Phone offers discount calling plans to users all over the world. Among the services available: discount U.S and Canada long distance service, international callback service, global prepaid and post- paid calling cards, VoIP phone service, and web conference call services.

AT & T - AT&T India 60 Plus $11.99 per month Includes 60 direct-dialed anytime minutes to India, Pakistan, and more. Compare Plans: Find the international plan that is right for you. Compare plans

Airtel Calling Card Note from Airtel "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Airtel Call Home will not be able to extend its services from 30th June 2011 (2400 hrs)onwards. While we recommend you to consume your available talk time, we assure you that all unutilized talk time balance within the validity period will be duly refunded"

Calling cards - from Enjoy Prepaid. Lowest rates for your long distance calls. Enjoy your international calls! - #1 Phone Card To Call India. $0.0147/min anywhere in India. PIN Free, Honest Billing, VoIP/Wi-Fi Apps for Android and Iphone - Offers the most competitive international rates. Call India for as low as 7.9 cents. - Home of Online Calling Cards (As low as 15.2 ¢/min) - One of the largest (and oldest) providers of long distance service to call from the U.S. to India. – Cheap Calling Cards - Cheap Calling Cards Call anywhere in India for 7.9 ¢ per minute, Pakistan for 6.8 ¢ per minute and best rates for all over the world. No monthly Fee, No need to switch your current service. Can be used from any phone (home, work or cell). - Calling plans from various carriers and telecom resellers are available - Call anywhere in India for 20 ¢ per minute. No need to switch your service, NO MONTHLY FEE. Not a Pre-Paid Calling Card! Works on your phone now.

G3Telecom - A popular calling plan to call India from Canada and North America. Call anywhere in India for 15¢ (canadian) per minute.

India International Calling Cards from Pingo

India calling card- Use Tel3 international long distance to call India and save yourself from phone card fees and gimmicks. Tel3 offers some of the cheapest phone card rates to India in the industry. Call India From the US For Under A Penny Per Minute! No Connection Fee India, Bangalore 300 Mins/$16 Find the lowest rates for all your communications needs 

Long Distance - Why Pay More Than 5¢ a Minute for Long Distance? Click Here and Get 300 FREE Minutes! - Offers rates as low as 1.6 cents/minute to India using calling cards

Net2Phone VoiceLine - Calling Plans "150 minutes to India"

Primus Telecommunications - "Try us for prepaid phone card, cheap prepaid phone card, prepaid calling card, and cheap calling card for India, USA, Pakistan, and other international destinations." Your prepaid phone card online store for calling India, and within USA. Get excellent quality cheap prepaid phone cards for USA.

Raza Communications - Quality India phone cards and callingcards online for customers.

Reliance India Call - Gel low rates by keeping your existing long distance service provider.

Sprint - Offers 33 cents/minute to India

SID Card- Calling plans to various countries From Tata Communications, offers you competitive long distance rates to over 240 countries and territories worldwide. Current special rate: To India $0.069/minute.

Tel3Advantage Prepaid Long Distance - This prepaid phone service offers outstanding long distance rates to India without any hidden fees or taxes and without the need to change phone companies. Can be used from any phone (including cell phones).

Tel3:- Call India from all your phones for 7 to 16c per min without any connect fees or gimmicks. The Tel3 smart long distance service recognizes your caller-id so there is no need to switch carriers or enter phone card PINS. Tel3 lets you save on all long distance, even from your cell phone. Make FREE calls to India - Save money by using the Internet to call India. Buy a pair of adapters, one for you and one for your family/friends in India. Connect your adapter to DSL/Broadband. The adapter will be home delivered to your parents/friends in India. A 7-digit Phone number for each adapter is assigned. Use 7-digit phone number to call your family and friends in India. Call from USA to India and India to USA. Broadband connection in India and US/UK is needed. Make and Receive calls over Internet with out a computer.

Verizon Wireless - Join In! calling plans from 23 cents/minute

ZapTel - The Phone Card Superstore (Low rates to major international countries -- 28 cents to India - A variety of calling plans to India

Caution : Most of these  low rates offered by the Telcos come with a catch - You need to call during off-peak hours. If your calling plans differ, do read the fine print. Of course there are other freebies that you can look forward to like Air-Miles etc. Do your research before signing up for any long distance service. Of course, it goes without saying caveat emptor    - Buyer beware.

Do you have a hot deal that you want to share with Others, send us a mail at

Free PC-To-Phone Plans and Deals

CallRewards - Make unlimited free phonecalls to any regular phone in the U.S. from your PC.

Cheap Long Distance - Use the calculator at to compare and find the cheapest long distance carriers in your area.

DeltaThree- Free PC-to-Phone calls from the US to Canada anytime.

MediaRing- FREE CALLS TO NORTH AMERICA AND CHINA...Call anyone in the US, Canada, and China for FREE!

Net Caller - Unlimited Internet Long Distance

Net2 Phone- Call from your PC to any Phone in the world for incredibly low rates.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) -- Calling over the internet

Net2Phone is the global leader in long  distance savings! Ring any phone in the world with a pre-paid calling card. Long distance costs as little as a penny per minute.

Visit our new VoIP Section of also

Skype -
Peer to Peer (P2P) calls are free, but you can only connect with other Skype-heads.

Vonage- You can reach any conventional phone in the world using your existing handset (free adapter required). 

Calling Plan Comparisons

Free LongDistance 

Hello Direct Your Online Telecom Resource 

PlanetServices - Complete Communications. 

Note: Page last updated: April 2014




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