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VOIP, Phones and Calling Plans: For domestic and International callers >> Phone Rates >> VoIP ...

Voice Over IP (VoIP) / Articles on VoIP /   Free PC-To-Phone Deals /   Other Phone Deals

Note: This site has extensive listing of cheap calling cards, calling plans, pre-paid and billed phone rates and plans for calling within the US, and from America to all corners of the globe -- US, UK, Europe, America, Canada, Asia, India, Australia. Because of the wide range of rates provided by individual calling card companies, Telco's and long distance career, individuals have an overwhelming choice. Feel free to research the individual plans and phone rates and long distance services provided by individual companies. Many providers also offer special deals for calls to select metro's in India from USA including calls to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madras, Hyderabad, Calcutta etc. Send us a note if you find a hot deal you want to share with others, send us a mail at In this page, you will find a number of providers of telecommunication services, many of who service clients directly online. Please feel free to contact them directly. Voip Calling to India, VOIP calling to pakistan, Free VOIP, Free Calling, VOIP calling to Sri Lanka ;

Voice Over IP (VoIP) -- Calling over the Internet

VoIP Telephony, known in the industry as VOIP Telephone is the transmission of telephone calls over a data network like one of the many networks that make up the Internet. If you regularly make long-distance phone calls, chances are you've already used VoIP Telephony without even knowing it. There are many service providers which support VOIP Free Phone Calls. Most VoIP providers route calls from leased Public Telephone (PSTN) local telephone lines to a gateway server that converts analog voice into data packets. From there, the data packets move over the public Internet or a private backbone to its destination, where it goes through another gateway, rolling over to a PSTN local line. Some of the featured service providers include:

Call around the world for as low as 2 cents with PennyTalk!

VOIP India calling cards from Pingo

Packet8 offers VoIP calls for as low as $19.99 a month

Call around the world for as low as 2 cents with PennyTalk!

Net2Phone is the global leader in long distance savings! Ring any phone in the world with a pre-paid calling card. Long distance costs as little as a penny per minute.

Free World Dialup  - Calls are free to the US and UK, and really cheap worldwide. The only disadvantage is that you can only talk to others with VoIP connection; also you may need to invest in a PC and headset. 

E Technology Bangladesh  Voip Termination ISP, Network Service Provider, Voip consulting

Skype - Peer to Peer (P2P) calls are free, but you can only connect with other Skype-heads. Skype is superior to other IM-based voice chat applications. It features strong encryption and really easy set-up.

SipPhone - Free calls to anywhere once you buy the $80 handset. But you can only call other IP phone fans. A viable alternative to regular long distance, albeit still with a few rough edges.

Time Warner Cable Digital Phone - Free calls to anywhere once you buy the $40 handset. Make FREE calls to India - Save money by using the Internet to call India. Buy a pair of adapters, one for you and one for your family/friends in India. Connect your adapter to DSL/Broadband. The adapter will be home delivered to your parents/friends in India. A 7-digit Phone number for each adapter is assigned. Use 7-digit phone number to call your family and friends in India. Call from USA to India and India to USA. Broadband connection in India and US/UK is needed. Make and Receive calls over Internet with out a computer.

Vonage - You can reach any conventional phone in the world using your existing handset ($30 free adapter required).

VoIP ProvicersList - A comprehensive listing of VoIP providers.

MTNL, India: Internet Telephony Calling Card - USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia @ Indian rupees 4.50 per minutes only. Link includes details on "Dialer Based Telephony" and "Browser Based Telephony"

Articles on VoIP

What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol offers some unique features:

  • Receive your voicemail via e-mail as .wav files. BroadVoice and AT&T let you permanently delete them from your inbox or your phone, so you only have to do it once.
  • With a softphone from Skype or Vonage on your laptop, you can make calls from any Internet connection in the world. Domestic long distance is free, and international rates are as low as a few cents a minute.
  • AT&T's "Do Not Disturb" feature lets only emergency calls through and can be activated over the Internet or scheduled to begin and end at set times.
  • Choose your area code, swapping your 212 for a 415 if you live in New York but mostly call the Bay Area.
  • BroadVoice offers a Wi-Fi phone, which lets you talk over any free hotspot. By next year, Motorola will offer a hybrid cellular Wi-Fi phone that will roam seamlessly from one network to the other. (From Popular Science)

Voice-Over-Internet Protocol: From What is VoIP/Internet Voice? VoIP allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network, over a data network like the Internet. VoIP converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the internet then converts it back at the other end so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. When placing a VoIP call using a phone with an adapter, you'll hear a dial tone and dial just as you always have. VoIP may also allow you to make a call directly from a computer using a conventional telephone or a microphone. The VOIP Wiki - a reference guide to all things VOIP. This Wiki covers everything related to VoIP, software, hardware, service providers

The meaning of free speech: The acquisition by eBay of Skype is a helpful reminder to the world's trillion-dollar telecoms industry that all phone calls will eventually be free. .....Vodafone counters that, like BT, it is moving towards internet-based networks that will reduce its own cost of carrying calls and make possible new value-added services. But this sounds unconvincing. Much more so than fixed-line operators, mobile operators would have to cannibalise their current business in order to generate new revenues from VOIP. Ironically, this means that BT, once regarded as a dinosaur-like incumbent, is now being held up as a shining example of an operator that is embracing the future, while Vodafone, whose pure-mobile strategy once seemed visionary, now stands accused of being on the wrong side of history. At the end of the day, there is no getting around the reality, as Skype's Mr Zennstrom says, that “something that is a great business model for us is probably a terrible business model for them.” - Economist

VOIP a major threat to fixed lines: Experts figure that fixed-line telephony, will come under pressure from cheap/free calls made over the Internet, forcing them to change business models. "We believe voice over IP represents the final transition to a communication environment ruled by the internet protocol. This is significant, as it signals the end of the telephone system as we know it," said UBS analyst Uberto Ferrari. "The way a telco does business is likely to radically change."  - CIOL

VoIP: The way to talk? The opening-up of the Voice over IP telephony market was welcomed by one and all. With rates almost a sixth of prevailing STD rates VoIP is the way to talk. Or is it? A review of Satyam's Way2talk offering.-  ZDNetIndia

'India emerging as an important market in VoIP space' The Nasdaq-listed VocalTec Communications Ltd, which claims a 20 per cent share of the global VoIP market, is now eyeing the huge VoIP opportunity in India. - ZDNetIndia

Web phone calling: Are we there yet? Bad News: Your computer isn't ready to be used as a phone. Good news: It's a lot closer. I'll tell you why and where you should try dialing online. - ZDNetIndia

Caution : Most of these  low rates offered by the Telcos and VoIP providers come with a catch - You need to call during off-peak hours. If your calling plans differ, do read the fine print. Do your research before signing up for any long distance service. Of course, it goes without saying caveat emptor    - Buyer beware.

Do you have a hot deal that you want to share with Others, send us a mail at

Free and paid PC-To-Phone Deals


Make international calls for as low as 3.9 cents a minute with WebPhone!

Stop paying a fortune for long distance!  Get WebPhone!

CallRewards- Make unlimited free phonecalls to any regular phone in the U.S. from your PC.

DeltaThree- Free PC-to-Phone calls from the US to Canada anytime.

Dialpad- Make unlimited free long-distance calls to anyone in the US at Dialpad.

MediaRing- FREE CALLS TO NORTH AMERICA AND CHINA...Call anyone in the US, Canada, and China for FREE!

Net Caller- Unlimited Internet Long Distance

Net2 Phone- Call from your PC to any Phone in the world for incredibly low rates.

Cheap Long Distance- Use the calculator at to compare and find the cheapest long distance carriers in your area.




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