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Summer Reading : Arranged Marriage

The topic of marriages, especially the desi tradition of Arranged marriages fascinates westerners. How can you marry someone you just met for a few minutes? They all seem to wonder. Many desi authors have attempted to add their narrative to this theme. The latest is a book GaramChai’s editor came across (sorry, Editor has got around to reviewing the book yet)

About the Book
"An Arranged Marriage" is an inspirational love story set in contemporary (1970-2025) UK, India and US and showcasing merits and demerits of the East and West and how important it is for the marriage of ideas from both the cultures for better understanding of the world and for peace all around in these tumultuous times. I have tried to convey the love story of India and US through my protagonists Sam and Bharti.I have traced their life from childhood trying to show the difference of culture and thought process in US and India and how both are important to each other. Why and how they are moving towards an arranged marriage in recent times.

Along with the wider aspect of dealing with the two different cultures, countries and way of life, my book deals with very subtle human emotions, family values, and dilemma in making decisions in our lives as we face daily. It is also a story of man as the greatest creation of God and what is his real purpose on earth.

For your reading pleasure: A comprehensive list of Books on Arranged Marriages (Remember to mail us back with a review)

Featured Book (Nov): Natural Beauty Secrets from India

Tired of investing your hard-earned money on chemically enriched products that either cause adverse reactions or don't deliver the results they promised?

Unearth the healing power of Mother Nature with Natural Beauty Secrets from India, a book that brings to light head-to-toe remedies that use natural ingredients commonly found in your very own kitchen, eliminating the need for you to spend your precious time and money to get started. Every ingredient listed in this book is extremely versatile, enabling its use in a multitude of remedies. Making your own beauty concoctions at home will not only cost a fraction of what you pay for over-the-counter products, but also, you will enjoy a sense of purity and freshness, which commercial products can't possibly offer you.
The Author, Roshni Dayal, was born and raised in India and herself grew up using natural remedies for both health and beauty. Relocating to the U.S. in her early twenties, she found herself astounded by the barrage of expensive, attractively-packaged beauty products on the market. Over the years that followed, however, she began to see and hear that for many, these were turning out to be nothing but empty promises on store shelves. Through her book, she shares with you her fresh approach to beauty.

To learn more about the book or to find a bookstore, please visit

Featured Book (Nov): Roti Rolled Away
Recent Review By: Teri Sloat [Author/Illustrator]

"ROTI ROLLED AWAY allows us to follow the Roti, instead of the Gingerbread Man, as it rolls away from Asha. Anjana Utarid uses a familiar pattern and wonderfully rhythmic writing as Asha pays her respects to the animals of India while following the Roti through the jungle, only to watch the Roti disappear into the river. A wonderful grandmother story and bridge between cultures".

Author Bio: Anjana Utarid has a Masters of Arts in Counseling Education. She has traveled around the world several times and is an active advocate for at risk children. This is Anjana?s first children?s book and was derived from watching her Mother teach her daughter to make Rotis. The lessons and bond that formed from these interactions also gave birth to this sweet tale of Roti Rolled Away.

GaramChai.Com Regional Books: Gujarati Books

Buy Gujarati Books Online. Buy your favourite Gujarati Books online from the largest collection of most popular and widely read Books of Gujarati Literature. Books of your choice of Navalkatha, Shayri, Gazals, Religion,Astrology, Chidren's Stories,Gujarati Culture, History and many other. From the Best Known Puiblishers and Authors like Kanaiyalal Munshi,Ramanlala Vasantlal Desai, Zaverchand Meghani,Gunavant Shah,Chandrakant Baxi,Sudha Murty, Jay Vasavada, Shahbuddin Rathod and many more.

Contact Mrs.Vandana Dholakia Email :, Phone: +90-281-2454914 or * Mobile: +91-93757 07770

GaramChai.Com Featured Book

The Dowry Bride
By Shobhan Bantwal

Author Website:

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp. Copies also available on

Also reviewed by an reviewer Academy: As someone who has lived in India, and had educated friends and relatives succumb to the demands for dowry ( some very subtle, some not so subtle), DOWRY BRIDE, is a book we needed. The issue has permeated all socio-economic strata's and faith groups in India and some brides do burn for not bringing enough of a dowry, while others live with taunts, abuse and discrimination for not having brought the laundry lists of goods demanded. Female infanticide in India has its roots in traditions such as this. Woven into fiction, 'The Dowry Bride' will perhaps do for dowry what 'Kite Runner' did for Afghani kids. Highly recommended!

Most first novels are often disappointing while the author starts to develop writing skills. The Dowry Bride is different. Shobhan Bantwal delivers a great story line with vivid characters and a non-stop sense of thrill and intrigue from cover to cover. The story of a young girl, Megha travels from her typical upbringing to her less than glamorous wedding to her post-wedding struggles and the realization of her own family's evil plot to burn her at the stake so her husband can marry someone else offering a decent dowry keeps the reader eagerly flipping pages non-stop.

The balance between this young woman's tragic situation and her new found love for a distance family relative is carefully crafted gradually at some points and quickly in other so the reader can't guess at where the story will end.
The extraordinary journey the author creates will tear at your heart while also giving a glimmer of hope that romance and true love still exist, even in the most dark and dangerous places. Megha starts as a small fragile new bride and ends with a sort of sophistication that only comes with the survival of hard times and plenty of self-awareness.

It's a beautifully written book that explores the morbid side of humanity, the small daily miracles that can happen and the imbalance in life's justice. The Dowry Bride will make you cry, laugh, frown and most of all think. Although it's fiction, it will present a topic that needs more attention because it still happens in today's society. Dowry crimes can be ruthless and result in mental abuse, torture, and sometimes death. Bantwal takes a brave look at an old topic and delivers a piece of work that may just make an impact. Wonderful, Vivid, and Worth Reading.

"Packed with detail…splendidly depicts passion, brutality, and cultures in conflict."
-- Bestselling author, Dorothy Garlock

"Vivid, rich…expertly portrays a young woman caught between
love and duty, hope and despair." --Anjali Banerjee

Note: Page last updated: March 2017





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