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Section on Real estate investing in India. NRI's, especially those looking to migrate back to India are investing in property, houses and real estate in India. Many NRI and Global Indians are also actively investing in real-estate in their 'home' countries including the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and elsewhere. There are several realtors, financers and other organizations specializing in financing and mortgages for NRIs, high-net worth Indians, Asians and others.This section of highlights some aspects of real-estate and includes relevant links. Page for Indian NRI / NRI housing / NRI investment in India /real estate investment / real estate web site. 

NRI Realtors and Real Estate Agents // NRI Investments & Realtors in India // Interesting Articles // Real Estate Agencies in Bangalore // Remit Money to India // NRI Finance // Return2India Section

NRI Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Sanjeev (Sony) Jain | Associate Broker
140 Jericho Turnpike | Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: 516.513.1931 Fax: 516.307.3336

Kumarie Richmond [RichmondGMAC Real Estate]
708 516 4585 mobile
708 647 9200 xt. 142 office

Milestone Premier Realty / Business Brokers
Sanjeev (Sony) Jain | Broker / Owner
262 Procop Ave #A5 | Jericho, NY 11753
Phone: 516.513.1931 Fax: 516.307.3336

Milestone Premier Realty / Business Brokers
Sanjeev (Sony) Jain | President
262 Procop Ave #A5 | Jericho, NY 11753
Phone: 516.513.1931 Fax: 516.307.3336

Nick Bedi - Realty
800.630.7251 Direct or 877.329.3763 Private Fax Nick partners with and promises a special discount to patrons who access the following link: 

NRI Real Estate Agent's Network

RealEstateOnline - India's No 1 Real Estate Website with property listings in over 150 cities across India. Real Estate online India is India’s no 1 real estate website with property listing of major real estate agents, builders and properties in India. We provide best online real estate service in India for property available for sale, lease and rent.

Other Realtors

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NRI Investments and Real Estate in India

Jain Properties - Realtor catering to NRIs & Expatriates for their requirements of International standard Condos, Houses, Plots, Promoted By Renowned Developers Of Gurgaon, Greater Noida And Nearby Areas.

LandSmiths Projects - Leading Real Estate Agents in India, Real Estate in India and Property in India. Project Liaison, Project Management, FDI, Franchisee, Warehouse and Logistics, Retail and Valuation and Due Diligence Services.

NRI investment in India- A one stop shop for investments by NRIs in Indian Real Estate, savings and home loans for NRIs.

Prestige Avenues
Address: Suite 402B Technopolis 1-10-44, Begumpet,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pardesh, India.

Real Estate India - Real Estate Property Listings and Free Classifieds - Homes for Sale, Rent and Lease from India and South Asia.

Interesting Articles

Getting the value of apartment right The “techies” have a few points to ponder before investing in a flat, says MOHAN BABU. [Originally published in Deccan Herald] 

THERE is a huge gold-rush on in Bangalore with everyone wanting a share of the ITES (IT enabled services) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) pie. Certain sections of the print media seem to be doing its part to flame the fire by hyping up front-page stories, extolling people to “jump in or loose out”. An entire generation of techies that relocated to Bangalore to be a part of the “Indian Dream” is looking for an abode to complete the dream. The Indian dream is a term lifted from the quintessential American Dream of sixties and seventies where the young college graduates dreamt of buying a car, a house in the suburbs and all other consumer goodies. The trend now is that a year or two into the new jobs, the young professionals begin to dream of settling down. This trend is a far cry from even a decade ago where the working class would squirrel away their savings hoping to buy a house after retirement.

Builders and developers of different stripes have shifted gears to overdrive by trying to cater to this urge for a slice of the “Bangalorean Indian Dream”. Interestingly, as with the Great American Gold Rush, those raking-in the real big-bucks are vendors of spades, not those in the trenches digging for the elusive gold. The gold-diggers, in this case, are the techies. And the spade sellers? The real-estate agents and large builders and developers, who are pandering to an artificial demand from techies wishing to have an abode in south, south-east Bangalore. Newspapers have dedicated entire weekend sections to help bridge the demand-supply of real estate. Bulletin boards and lunch-time conversations at major software and tech companies are abuzz with real-estate gossip eagerly traded by wannabe property-owners.

When Allan Greenspan coined the term “Irrational Exuberance”, Bangalore’s real-estate market was far from his mind; however the current state of the market echoes his sentiments to the tee. How else can one justify paying close to Rs 2,000 a square foot for a 10th floor apartment in a city where land is abundantly available a few kilometers away at a fourth of that price?

Market value

Being a native of Bangalore, I have been sitting on the fence, contemplating jumping into the “market” for a while. However, I am beginning to wonder if I am among the minority of my techie peers who is thinking “logically” when it comes to matters of investing in real estate? I am beginning to question if this irrational exuberance be sustained at all.

To set the tone for my argument, a case in point: A 1,470-square-foot apartment in a six-storey apartment house in New York costs approximately $183,045 (converting to rupees, this comes to about Rs 5,354 per square foot). This is roughly about three and half times the Rs 1,500 or 1,600 that builders are charging. Now, by a weird co-incidence, this is exactly the multiple factor used by Indian IT companies who claim to charge clients a fourth of what a “typical” programmer would cost in the US.


Having set the ground for this discussion, here are a few observations based on my interactions with builders and fellow techies. The most common myths circulating among those paying upwards of forty to fifty lakhs for flats include:
Myth 1: Invest in a flat for long-term asset building. The fact remains, pre-built flats generally depreciate over the long-run, due to wear-and-tear etc. The only redeeming factor is the location of the property. A flat located in a prime area is probably going to retain some value due to the fact that the convenience of location will override other factors.

This is not a flat-versus-houses discussion: Built-up houses too depreciate but since the value of land is built into the price of property, one can consider rebuilding a house after a few decades, something that would be very hard to do with a flat.

Myth 2: Prices of flats are only bound to go up and up. It is indeed true that prices of a few flats located in prime areas like Koramangala and Jayanagar have doubled (and in some cases even tripled) in prices during the past five or six years. If one were to blindly use the above examples to hypothesise that a flat that one is paying forty or fifty lakhs is going to double in the next five years, it will be hard to sustain the argument. The reasons for the previous boom are many; and include the sudden inflow of multinationals who set up development centers concentrated around the Electronics-City and ‘IT Corridor’ belt. However, the fact remains that multinationals and Indian IT giants have already begun a massive diversification and are planning newer developments and expansions in other metros including Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Betting on the future of South-Bangalore’s real-estate would be like driving while merely observing the rear-view mirror.

Myth 3: I must get an early-mover advantage, so I must invest in “this” property. This is the hardest myth to crack since the concept of “early mover” is highly subjective. As with any major investment, there is no real right-time or wrong-time.

Financial analysts suggest maintaining a “balanced portfolio” for this very reason. If one is intending to speculate based on a few guesses, there are other investments with equally high risk that may be a better bet.

Myth 4: My friends can’t be wrong. Many of the techies buying property paying over half-a-crore are doing so because of the typical “herd mentality”.

The assumption is that since a fellow techie is doing well in his job, he is bound to be equally astute in analysing the intricacies of the real-estate market. Taking investment decisions is a highly subjective affair which needs to be personalised according to one’s individual priorities and goals, not that of one’s peer or friend.
Reading thus far, you are probably wondering why this writeup? To even stick one’s neck out during this euphoric phase can be tantamount to being foolhardy; but I wish to stir some debate with my views. What really surprises me is that contrary to what I read about sales and marketing during my MBA days, selling to “better informed” consumers — in this case educated folks with a stronger logical-left-side of the brain — seems to be a walk in the park. And the builders and developers who are subtly pushing individuals into thinking that the “shortage” of land is more than it really is are only too happy pandering to the myths. With this, I rest my case.

KR Capital provides 'comfort buying' of properties in India (Vinod Dhawan)

NEW DELHI : The demolition of unauthorized constructions in Delhi and some other cities of India must have sent a wave of concern among NRIs trying to buy property in India . On the contrary, claims Pankaj Manchanda, Managing Director of US-based KR Capital Management, his real estate business has received a boost for this very reason. The simple explanation is that he deals only with authorized constructions in India - all lawful and above board.

Manchanda says his KR Capital Management company, operating from Las Vegas , Nevada , is the only one to  promote authorized Indian properties in US. He possesses a US business license to sell properties abroad to NRIs. He is accountable to US laws and strictly follows the procedures in his transactions.

In India he works with top builders and reputed brand names. It is a clean business with no cash transactions involved. KR Capital is international promoter for some of the largest real estate developers in India .

Manchanda claims KR Capital and its group companies have more than 30 years of experience in development of world-class residential and commercial projects in India . Their aim is to bring together real-estate investment opportunities for investors, land owners, collaborators and strategic partners. "We accomplish this mission by combining our extensive research with on-going market opportunities, and creating a portfolio of real estate investment programs based on the risk/return scale," he says.

KR Capital has pioneered the concept of convenient, reliable and informed investment in Indian real-estate market.

KR Capital can provide a range of investment advisory services to Property Developers, Foreign Direct Investors (FDI), High Net-worth Individuals (HNI), Real-estate Funds, Infrastructure Developers (e.g. Power, Highways, Sea Ports , Theme Parks, Business Parks and Group Housing).

KR Capital has offices in both India and US with New Delhi functioning as the hub. The US office serves as controlling center.

At present properties are being offered in Pune, Bangalore , Bombay and Calcutta . The company plans to expand soon to UK and Canada . The Delhi office is headed by his cousin, Amit Manchanda. 

The secret of KR success is the opportunity it affords customers for "comfort buying". "Our customers are happy. All they have to do is to fill up form and attach documents. Indian banks provide 90 percent of the loan. Financing is done within 10 days- two weeks. Every day or second day we receive some enquiry from US itself. All this is based on word of mouth. There has been no publicity. Only honest customer service."

There is a local team in US, bound by local law, which interacts 24 hours with business prospects.

The highlights of KR Capital Investment are:

• Providing investment opportunities in pre-launch and completed projects by leading developers in India

• Investment in Software Technology Park (STP), Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Shopping Malls

• Investment in Real-Estate Funds and Real-Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

• Facilitating agreement with leading developers for exclusive investment and/or joint development

Manchanda says NRIs look for two things in India :

• Want to invest in India

• They are all interested in ultimately settling down in India

He explains to them that this investment in India is repatriable, bound by Indian laws. Capital gains can be taken back after paying capital gains tax.

Manchanda is now floating a fund for NRIs. His ultimate aim is to do group housing for NRIs.

Source: India Post News Service


Premier Real Estate Agencies in Bangalore 

Agency Name
Phone Number
Feroze's Estate Agency Cunningham Road
91-80- 2265075 / 2261838 / 2261036
Excellent Property Developers Pvt. Ltd.  Basavanagudi
First Homes 524, 5th Cross, 7th Main, HMT Layout, R.T.Nagar
Gulmohar Enclave 67, Rustam Bagh, Behind Manipal Hospital
91-80-525 0767
HI-TECH BUILDERS No.6, House of Lords,St.Mark's Road.
Desai Builders & Developers 120, 14th Cross R.T. Nagar 1st Block
91-80-343 2217
Ferns Builders & Developers Ltd. 1212, 100 Feet Road Indiranagar
Natwest Constructions Limited No.55, 11th Main Road, Geetha Colony
Brigade Group Brigade Towers, Brigade Road
DBS Properties 26, Cunningham Road,
Embassy Group 101, Embassy Chambers, #5 Vittal Mallya Road


Sobha Developers Pvt. Ltd.  E-106, Sunrise Chambers, 22, Ulsoor Road,
Ranka Group (RHFL)

+ 91 (80) 22260426

Prestige Group 303, `Copper Arch' 83, Infantry Road




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