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Elderly and aging NRIs: Life, issues and Challenges >> Sitemap Section >> Elderly NRIs

Book Review / NRI Retirement homes and old Age Homes / Articles / Blogs

In section of, we feature issues, challenges and life of aging Non Resident Indians, NRIs in their adopted homelands. For extensive listings of all other businesses, places of worship and things of interest to the Indian community, do visit our Sitemap.

Featured Book on this page: The Asian Indian Elderly in America: An Examination of Values, Family, and Life Satisfaction (Garland Studies on the Elderly in America) (Library Binding) by J Mirle Kalavar

Old Age Homes in India catering to NRIs and their parents

Old Age Homes in India

  • Nightingales Elders Day Care Centre- Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) as it is known today began its humble journey as Nightingales Home Health Services (NHHS) in 1996 from a garage in Sadashivnagar, Bangalore. A pioneering service back then, the concept of Home Health Services was the brain child of two people who were dedicated to help senior citizens and yearned to make a difference in the field of elder healthcare and ageing. Location: 149, 11th Main, 16th And 17th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560055, Karnataka. Near Cloudnine Hospital

  • Shanti Old Age Home- Introducing Clasic Kudumbam - providing elegant options to seniors who wish to enjoy a retired lifestyle. Clasic offers full service retirement communities to senior citizens looking for a comfortable and secure option post retirement. The first of several planned retirement communities, built to world class standards, has been established at Sholinganallur on the IT Highway in Chennai. The community called "Clasic Kudumbam" currently offers residency to seniors for independent living. Very different from the many "old age homes", this community offers a luxurious & clean ambience with a host of services for seniors.

  • DeepaShri Nursing and Rehabilitation Center- with Old age Home is a 40-bed licensed nursing facility which includes 10 private, 14 semi private and 16 general beds, clean comfortable rooms at affordable rates, that provides around the clock professional nursing care, comprehensive rehabilitation services and oldage home facility. Rehabilitation Center for post head injury, paralysis, Bed ridden patients with Tracheostomy Tube, Ryles Tube, Peg, Catheter, Bed Sore etc., Post hospitalization care, palliative care for cancer patients. Provides physiotherapy, physician consultation, yoga therapy, IV therapy and woundcare. Oldage facilities like 24/7 fabulous stay, Nursing Care, Food and Yoga Therapy at Bamboo house, library, large dining room, Wander Guard Security System.

Senior communities in India

  • Sharadindu - Sree Senior Homes- high-end Senior Village,is located at Pandavapura (near Mysore). This thoughtfully designed village has 340 boutique units comprising Cottage Clusters, Garden Cottages, Atrium apartments and 2-BHK apartments. This extensively landscaped township, spread over 8 acres and set in idyllic surroundings, has all modern comforts, conveniences and luxuries.

Indian, South Asian Retirement communities in North America

Indian American, Desi retirement communities in North America

  • Anand Vihar Anand Vihar, meaning "Blissful Living", is the premier 55+ adult community located in Tampa Bay, Florida. Tampa Bay has just been selected as the 2015's #1 city in the United States to retire by Homebuilder magazine, and the best place to live in the Southeast United States by Money Magazine.The 50+ acre site is in a serene location surrounded by large conservation and ponds within a large master planned community.

  • Priya Living "Our vibrant residential communities feature contemporary apartment homes, thoughtfully arranged around well-designed public spaces. From evenings spent chatting over chai in our outdoor lounges, to morning yoga and meditation in our gymkhanas, to afternoons spent learning the latest Bollywood dance moves or Ayurvedic planting techniques, our unique programs will keep you active and energized. With this new lifestyle, coming home to Priya Living will feel like coming home to family."
    Priya Living Santa Clara - With our debut location nestled between City Hall, winding neighborhood streets, and Silicon Valley's main commercia artery, Priya Living Santa Clara is in a very unique pocket that is both incredibly convenient and comfortably homey.
    Priya Living Fremont -Our latest addition Priya Living Fremont is a perfect balance of serenity, nature and convenience - right in the center of one of the Bay Area's most ethnically cultural communities.

  • Indian Nursing Home Program "About Dr. Mukund Thakar. Taking care of the elderly has been my passion since I began my career as a medical professional and now I have the honor of catering to their needs 24 hours a day. I had a vision of establishing an Indian nursing home program to accommodate the Indian elderly. The Indian nursing home program was developed in 2005 by creating an environment where the Indian elderly would feel comfortable in their living arrangement and where their medical and personal needs are met to ensure their well-being and happiness.."
    LOCATIONS - Perth Amboy, NJ, South Plainfield, NJ, Whiting, NJ, Hazlet, NJ, East Orange, NJ, Princeton, NJ, Bronx, NY Eatontown, NJ, Paramus, NJ
    Gayatri Rama LLC, 11 la jolla ct, Old Bridge NJ08857
    Contact: or (800) 381 8466

  • Ananda Community Living
    4813, 14th Avenue at Brimley Road,
    Markham, ON L3S 3K3
    Phone: 905-479-0072

  • ShantiNiketan US - ShantiNiketan is a retirement community based on different cuisines around the world. It is based on the philosophy that as one ages they would like to have their own food and be around people who speak their own native language. We started our project in Florida but are now expanding across the nation
  • Contact: 824 S Duncan Dr, Tavares, Florida, Call +1 352-508-7060 or tweet


Tavares condo development offers retirement like no other for Indians: The business of building condos for Northerners retiring to Florida collapsed in the housing bust, but one unusual Lake County development is an exception: a gated community that caters to Indian immigrants buying into that last piece of the American dream. ShantiNiketan, a condo complex in Tavares, may be the only retirement development in the U.S where residents dine on Indian cuisine, meditate in a prayer room stocked with Hindu statues and enjoy Bollywood movie nights.

Old age homes are passe. Say hello to 'retirement' homesDaljit and Swaran Mongia were left alone in Delhi, when their daughters left for the US. After shuttling between India and the US, even trying to live alone for a while, both opted to stay in Godhuli, a senior citizens home run by an NGO, Servants of People Society of India. It has been a good decision for them.
"Running your own house is also problematic at our age. Alternatively we decided that a senior citizen home would be a better place" says Mongia, Resident of Godhuli.

Hot destinations for retired people: Pune, Dehradun, Goa and Kerala are fast emerging as preferred destinations for the retired and would-be retirees. While Pune and Bangalore, the oldest destinations for retired citizens, offer several models to choose from, developers in Dehradun, Kerala and Goa are catching up fast.

Rs 10 cr old-age home to get 5-star facilities: If you are feeling guilty about leaving your old parents in a dilapidated old-age home, help is coming your way to help lighten the burden on your conscience. A swanky old-age home, being constructed on the outskirts of the city, will be ready in about a year and will boast of facilities which even some five-star hotels would envy. ... Besides, several NRIs whose parents don t want to join them abroad, had evinced keen interest in the project as they feel the elders would be better cared for in the old-age home. A large guest-house, where children or relatives of the inmates can come and stay for upto a week, is also being constructed in the campus. We are sure this will be one place where elderly people would like to come and stay and not be resentful about the attitude of their children, added Dani, who is turning his trip to South Africa, to watch the World Cup, into a fund-raising trip. [Times of India]

The nest is empty:The old lady is one of thousands who now form part of the fast swelling segment of the elderly - the parents of Non-Resident Indians who are left here to fend for themselves. Some of them mark the hours at sabhas and temples while halfway across the globe, the time races by for their children.... Some parents of NRI's fret that in a generation or two, their families will completely lose their Indian identity [The Hindu]

Who Cares For An Aging PIO?: You have no doubt heard of the Indian businessman or professional who has made it big in America, with his stable of swanky Mercedes cars in his multi-car garage in sprawling suburbia, whether in Princeton, New Jersey, Hempstead, New York or Sunnyvale, California. With the Internet revolution spawning so many young Indian millionaires, you would have also heard that the Non-Resident Indian, now renamed Person of Indian Origin has earned widespread recognition among his peers at work, among his friends in the Indian community as also among his American neighbors. ..... From a financial standpoint, after becoming naturalized American citizens, PIOs would qualify for benefits that the state offers like medicaid or medicare. But, not having contributed to the Social Service Administration, the PIOs will have to depend largely on the largesse of the son or daughter or the extended family. [Rediff]

Th e World at Your Feet: Notes from an Itinerant PIO on Freedom: These notes from an itinerant PIO may be helpful to those of us who are constantly traveling from one chaotic continent to another in search of love or livelihood. For example, I find myself impatient to describe certain subtle but nonetheless consequential differences between Indian and western notions of freedom. In Hindu philosophy, the term moksha is the closest translation for the English terms liberation and freedom. But the Hindu belief in reincarnation implies fundamental differences in the Indian and prevailing western liberal understanding of what is actually meant by freedom and how one might go about being really free. []

Old age homes: The biggest concern for NRIs is failing health and security of their parents.We do get inquiries but our priority is to offer rooms to seniors who do not have shelter and are abandoned by their children,"says Farsubhai Kakkad of Jivansandhya. The phenomena encompasses entire Gujarat. [TOI]

Reversal of the empty nest syndrome: All their children went on to specialise in different fields. Two of the girls married men of their choice and the third settled for an arranged match. One son was in the USA and the other was working in Mumbai. They were in no hurry to get tied down to the bondage of matrimony. She and her husband reconciled to the way their children chose to live. They were content in the knowledge that they had provided a solid foundation which may not have been luxurious but rested on the strong bonds of familial love. [Tribune India]

The loneliness of the NRI parent:Is a weekend call from your geographically distant children, the highest point of your entire week? Chances are you are an NRI-parent. Often considered the worst hit by the- empty-nest syndrome -because the children are now good seven seas away. You will never admit to the vague feeling of being alone, which has crept up unawares. The children have really been gone for quite a while now. They turn into International students, at 18 or 21, depending on whether they are leaving for their Baccalaureate or Advanced degrees. 'Undergrads' or 'Grad students' as they are referred to in the US, they often taste success quite early. This is, of course, thanks to an upbringing where a high value was placed on education and discipline. It is quite easy to broaden interests and make a whole base of friends from people with varied backgrounds at 'School'. Yes, reputed Universities are referred to as 'Schools', as you know. They move on to jobs, buy houses and become parents themselves. Soon they are ready to be 'naturalised'. You take pride in their achievements, as you always have. [ChennaiOnline]

Blogs and Discussions

Dollar Dreams from Andhra: Interesting comment: But something much more scaring is the repercussion of the entire trend of children migrating to greener pastures leaving behind their elderly parents behind with empty nest syndrome

Retirement homes and communities: Discussion forum on topic of interest


Research papers

Differences in the Structure of Depression Among Older Asian Indian Immigrants in the United States  By Sadhna Diwan, Satya S. Jonnalagadda, Rashmi Gupta 

Abstract: This study examines the validity of the short form (eight items) Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale (CES-D), as a screening tool for mental health problems among older immigrants who are minorities. The factor structure of the CES-D is examined empirically using two samples of older Asian Indian immigrants in the United States: the first sample of 226 English speakers, and the second sample of 114 Gujarati speakers residing in Atlanta, Georgia. The CES-D, administered via telephone interviews, showed high internal consistency. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses for the English speaking sample showed two factors indicating positive and negative affect, whereas the Gujarati-speaking sample yielded a unidimensional factor where depression was not differentiated, suggesting that depression may be conceptualized and manifested differently among diverse groups of older immigrants. Culturally competent practice with older adults should include an awareness of these within-group differences and their implications for practice in diverse groups of older immigrants.

Older Asian Indians Resettled in America: Narratives about Households, Culture and Generation
Jyotsna M. Kalavar Contact Information and John Van Willigen

Abstract: Immigration in late life can be a complex experience. Older adults who have spent a considerable part of their life in one cultural milieu face several challenges in adapting to a new societal framework. Demographically speaking, the numbers of immigrants of Asian Indian origin continue to rise phenomenally in the United States. In this project, the experience of Asian Indian elderly immigrants to the United States was recorded through home visits and personal interviews. Parents of adult immigrants often choose to immigrate late in life primarily for purposes of family reunification. Providing assistance with raising grandchildren was also an important consideration. This article explores various aspects that surfaced from the analysis of interviews; these include personal investment in adult children, language/cultural barriers, use of formal services, acculturative experience, aging in India, intergenerational relationships, and expectations for the future. The findings highlight the need for gerontological research that is culturally attuned to the needs of these elders so service delivery may be optimally provided.






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