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Appendix :Professional Life in the US, and Information on Life in America >> Book >> Appendix

US Immigration and Visa related links

  US Department of State ( This site, maintained by Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State contains the most up-to-date and accurate information on US visas, immigration etc. 

Immigration and Naturalization Service ( Site maintained by the US government body that controls immigration, visas etc. 

ISN.ORG ( ISN is a non-profit organization with the main purpose to support all those legally trying to immigrate to the United States of America through the employment channel. The website maintained by ISN contains interesting and informative links, discussion boards etc. ( This web page contains extensive links to US immigration and visa sites. 

Important U.S. Government Web Sites

  Ø      CIA World Factbook (

 Ø      Voice of America (

 Ø      Official White House homepage (

 Ø      US Bureau of Labor Statistics (

Appendix B :  

List of Portals and websites for Indians Abroad

 There are over 20 million people of Indian origin a.k.a. NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) residing all over the world. Of these, about 1.5 million reside in the US. As you can imagine, during the heydays of, hundreds of websites sprung up, catering to the interests of NRI. Of these, only a few dozen survive today, providing information, nets, shopping and listings. The following alphabetical list of portals and websites is by no means exhaustive and is intended merely as a reference. is a "one-stop" information portal providing information and all kinds of listings for Indians in the US. This site is a complete resource listing of 250 temples,200 restaurants,50 online shops and 300 bazaars. Other listings include jewelers, wedding specialists, theaters, beauty salons, mosques and gurudwaras. Main URL:  Founded in 1996, India Ltd., listed in Nasdaq: REDF, is one of India's leading Internet, communications and media companies serving Indians globally. The portal includes specific channels, local language editions, search capabilities, online shopping, long distance calling cards and Internet based telephony services. Its news publication, India Abroad, is one of the oldest and largest South Asian weekly newspapers, serving the Indian American community in the United States. Main URL: Perhaps the best known collection of links to Indian newspapers, is a part of the Satyam Infoway portal. Satyam Infoway Limited (listed in Nasdaq: Sify) is India's pioneer in Internet and E-commerce and offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Popular Channels of the Satyam portal include:   For sports news.  

SAJA: SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association represents more than 800 journalists (including 70+ students) spread across the United States and Canada and works to provide networking and mentoring opportunities to journalists of Indian and Asian origin. They are also working unobtrusive public relations campaign that will immensely benefit Indians in the years to come. URL: . Silicon India is a Business and Technology magazine that provides information, news, analysis and opinion on business and technology in India and the United States. It is also a forum for Indian professionals to interact, exchange information, develop business relations and share industry expertise. Main URL: is hugely popular portal for Indians featuring  over  250,000 pages of content, most of which is contributed by members. The site features discussions, photographs, articles, art, events, news, reviews etc. Sulekha, which started as a hobby E-Zine, transformed itself into a popular web destination for Indians worldwide and is a bustling marketplace of thought, opinion, discussion and creative expression. Main URL: TiE came into existence in late 1992, when a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with roots in the Indian sub-continent met by chance for a meeting with a visiting dignitary from India. The group immediately saw value in getting together on a regular basis to network with one another. In 1994, the group established TiE as a formal, non-profit organization in Santa Clara, California. Contacts made through TiE events have led to many senior TiE members taking on the roles of advisors and board members in start up companies. TiE has grown into a vibrant and professional voluntary organization dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship.Main URL:




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Book Index

  • Intro
  • Section 1: Visas and Immigration
  • Section 2 Finances
  • Section 3 Law and legal system
  • Section 4 Consumerism
  • Section 5 Life and weekends in the US
  • Section 6 Health and lifestyle
  • Section 7 Demographics
  • Section 8 Indians in America: Looking to the future after Sep 11th
  • Section 9 Preparing for the next wave
  • Appendix

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