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Tax filing - Itís again that time of year, The Tax Filing Time! >> Features Archieve >> This Article

Global Value Add Inc, the makers of has been successful in offering high end knowledge services, with a right blend of Technology and Personal touch. It is a very well known fact that US Tax Law (IRC) is the most complicated Tax code compared to the tax code of other developed nations, and the complications grow multi fold for Technology & Medical professionals within the Non Resident Indian community.  has demonstrated that Tax Planning is very much possible on Individual Tax Returns, and has saved on an average $ 1500-2000 of tax dollars for its clients.

For the Tax Year 2009, Mytaxfiler launched Basic Tax Planning Package at no cost and a Strategic Tax Planning Report for a very nominal charge and this included FREE Tax preparation & Filing. offers many other Knowledge based services to thousands of its clients in US and India, most of which are seen as a great value addition. Price wise mytaxfiler competes with self service tax portals such as Intuits’ Turbotax, TaxactTax, but the high level of personal touch offered is comparable to the service one can expect from the professionals at H&R Block, or Jackson Hewitt stores.
Tax year 2009, mytaxfiler can help you file your taxes starting from $ 19.99.List of services offered by Global Value Add, Inc –

  • United States Tax Services
    • Planning, Preparation & Tax return Filing Services
    • ITIN Preparation
    • IRS Forms preparation
  • Indian Tax Services
    • Indian Tax Return Filing
    • PAN Services
    • Digital Certificate Services
    • Chartered Accountant Certifications
  • Foreign Bank account reporting
  • 7.99® Forms
  • Business Services in US & India
    • Entity Formations (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, LLP, LP) in all 50 States
    • Registered Agent Services
    • Bank account opening & Nominee Director services
    • Bookkeeping, Payroll & Finance controller services
    • Business Valuations
    • Centralized Mailbox & Digitization
    • Mail forwarding
    • Corporate Taxation
  • Asset Protection Strategies in United States
    • Will Preparation
    • Living Trust
    • Asset Protection Trusts (Irrevocable/AB Trusts)
    • IRA/Self Directed LLC
    • Cost Segregation Study
    • Trust Services
  • Registered TX Notary
  • Approved TIN – FC from NSDL - INDIA
  • Approved E-Filing Intermediary from IT department – INDIA
  • Approved Channel Partner for Tally - INDIA
  • Approved Affiliate QuickBooks

Global Value Add or mytaxfiler is not an attorney or attorney firm. GVA has partnered with NAFEP for Estate Planning services. Unless we expressly state otherwise in this post, any tax advice contained in this communication is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing, or recommending to another party any transaction or other matter addressed herein.
For more information about Tax Services, Contact us –

How mytaxfiler.comis helping Desi Saving taxes? has helped in providing tax related services for the H1B/L1 visa community. Our main priority is in offering value added Income Tax solutions (Tax Planning, Preparation, Filing, Representation & Advisory services) to Residents & Non Residents in United States, India, Canada & United Kingdom. Other individual services include On-boarding, & Arrival/Departure Consultations.

Our Tax Planning and Tax Preparation services had helped numerous Desi's in making the tax paying process easier and in the process helped them save valuable money on taxes. Most of the HIB/LI visa holding citizen seek help of experienced CPA's to make the tax paying task manageable.

Our satisfied Desi clients
A lot of Desi's residing in the country have benefited from our experienced professional services, most of the H1B/L1 visa holding citizens dwelling in the Desi populated cities like Chicago, New York,New  Jersey, Dallas, Seattle,Atlanta etc approach us frequently for all their tax related issues.

Most of the Desi's prefer our service instead of getting their tax services done using software or other tax related service providers because we specialize in providing tax solutions to all our Desi residents, instead of an automated machine handling their taxes most of the individuals prefer a friendly and accessible tax solution providers who can help them understand and simply the complicated tax paying  task.

Our tax service approach
Our main goal is to to represent our Desi clients through quality advisory and advocacy, and to reach their objective & goals through simple, competent and ethical standards, while maintaining a stable and profitable business enterprise with the highest reputation. We truly believe in being accessible, efficient, responsive, technologically sophisticated, and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity.

We act like a  'one-stop shop' to meet all the complex tax related issues of out clients and also successfully meet and satisfy the all our client requirements and queries. We respect the fact that ours clients hard earned money should be given the required priority. We determine the most beneficial tax related approach for out clients while processing their tax related information there by helping them save money on taxes.





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