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Viewpoint: NRI's Views on Delhi Blasts >> Features Archieve >> This Article

In the News:

Sukant Khurana, an NRI based in America mailed us his viewpoints on the recent incidents 'back home'

Who is really behind the Delhi blasts? There are always some "Islamists" and then some fake encounters. All the cries for open inquiries are stomped over by nationalistic, jingoistic yelling and by the compliance of largest terrorist network in Delhi, the Delhi police, a morally bankrupt media, corrupt politicians and an ever-slumbering bureaucracy. Why have there been no follow up inquiries into large quantities of explosive material recovered from Hindu fascists: the RSS and Bajarangdaal, in many places of Maharashtra, Karnataka and U.P?

If this continues, we are heading the road of failed states like Pakistan and this does not seem to bother anyone. The polarization of society, on religious, caste and economic lines has reached unprecedented heights. North-East, Kashmir and tribal areas, like in the states of Chattisgarh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Orrisa, are already burning with separatist strife and in Gujarat and Orissa, Hindu fanatics are making Hitler of early 1920’s look pale in comparison. No part of India is going to be unscathed, if we do not kill the root cause of this conflict, the polarization of our society on narrow ethnic and religious lines. A prosperous Delhi or Bombay, can only exist for a long time in a prosperous and peaceful India. If islands of opulence are surrounded by ever swelling ocean of poverty and strife, then sooner or later no one will be saved from a last great flood. I will bet if that happens, no divine intervention, no Manu or Noah can save us then from heading down the path of failed countries like Pakistan. We have already started seeing the damage done by high tides but we sleep in confidence that these are just accidental spills, under some lunatic influence, works of few disgruntled individuals, who can be gotten rid off by the so called encounters. The Indian middle class cannot go beyond its myopic vision to see all the signs of the beginning of the end. We frequently blame Pakistan for blasts, but fail to understand that even if they are behind a fraction of them, the only way they can make inroads is when we treat many Indians like second grade citizens and at times like subhumans. When I am in Delhi, my home city, as I was recently, I am met with arguments like: you would be dead in Pakistan for such "anti nationalistic sentiments" and why don't you criticize Pakistan's treatment of minorities?

I fail to understand why are we aspiring to be like Pakistan. It is a state on verge of collapse. We can do at least a little bit better. I am glad, I am still alive to have lived in India and none of my trips to homeland have yet rendered me incapable of voicing my opinions! I hope India retains some semblance of democracy, so that people like me, who are temporarily living abroad, are not forced to let go of our ties to our hometown and country. Unfortunately, for the majority, it is the only ship they are riding on, the very one, they are quietly letting burn to ashes and they do not have the option of letting go of the ties. Why many in Indian middle class do not understand that being against corrupt Indian state apparatus, the brutal police, military and political machinery is not so anti-Indian after all. A healthy irreverence to the institutions of power, especially completely unaccountable institutions as present in India, is the most patriotic thing one can have. I see our dreams of a super-power coming to a complete crashing halt, unless we wake up in time, before, forget the superpower dream, but the very end of democratic India is inevitable.

Why aren’t Nerudas and Tagores springing up from soil to rouse up people’s conscience when we need democratic culture the most? Only few loony ex generals military and justices are telling people to shut the hell up. Are we so comfortably numb that we see fangs of death as glossy marble pillars of our future superpower epithet? Do we want to run a police state and even if we want to, can we?

May be there are islamists behind this particular blast or may be it is brain child of RSS or this is conceived, conducted, criticized and probed by Indian state apparatus. I can’t say, because I am a not a pal with Delhi police, without whose consent no crime happens in the capital. I know that the only person to gain from these blasts is Narendra Modi, who is even making a mass murder Advani look like Gandhi in comparison, with his appetite for innocent civilian populations.

Are we heading to fascism? Yes, sooner or later. Is just slowing the pace of death an option? No. Supporting the so-called lesser evil of congress and its erstwhile allies in CPI (M), just results in wider spread of this cancer. The only option is to kill the cancerous cells, whether they hold a saffron or green flags. The only way to do so is to organize politically and fight for a true participatory democracy. One cannot fight cancer with cancer, so looking for support in feudal, communal, castist and regional forces will be just as good to let Modi build his gas chambers. Any such coalition of crooks may slow fascists from officially taking power but is actually helping the cancer of polarization spread deeper and deadlier. The only option is a new democratic option. Being right or left is not an option. Being a hopeless optimistic, I believe that there will not be an end, where all is supposed to end and a new morning of hope will blossom out of darkness of death.

Power to the people.

- Sukant Khurana [
Section of Neurobiology and Institute of Neuroscience, University of Texas at Austin]




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