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Chai, Tea and Miscellany: What is Garam Chai? >> Sitemap >> Chai

What is Garam Chai, people sometimes ask us?

Literally translated, "Garam Chai," means "Hot Tea." To those of us who grew up in India, traveling in trains meant waking up to the familiar cries of Chai.... garam chai! floating above the cacophony as the train would come to a grinding halt at a busy junction. With, we attempt to evoke that nostalgia for desi stuff, community and belonging which, well, only a Garam cuppa Chai can! Categories of popular Indian Tea / Chai include : Green Tea, Assam Black,Darjeeling Black,Dooars Region, Kangra Valley, Nilgiri Hills, Oolong Teas, Flavored Teas,Exotic Teas and Herbal Tea

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Other References: References to GaramChai   / About Tea: Brands and Manufacturers  / Articles on Chai/TeaLinks, blogs of Interest  // Make Chai Tea, recepie to brew fresh chai from GaramChai To see an extensive listing of all our pages, please visit the Sitemap page

References to Garam Chai

In this section of, you can find eclectic links and references to Garam Chai

About Tea, Brands and Manufacturers

What is Tea?

Tea is basically the dried and processed leaves of only one species of plant called camellia sinensis. Interestingly enough, herbal teas or herbal infusions are not really teas, but simply dried flowers and/or herbs.

The India (or Assam) – Larger leaves and generally thrives at lower altitudes.
The Hybrid – Kind of in-between the Chinese and Indian
A History of Tea : The second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water or so the story goes.
The China – Small leaves and generally thrives at higher altitudes.


How to Make Chai Tea - A traditional drink of India, masala chai has become a popular beverage worldwide.

A History of Tea Timeline -2737 B.C.The second emperor of China, Shen Nung, discovers tea when tea leaves blow into his cup of hot water or so the story goes.

Two main types of Tea are A) Black Tea B) Green Tea.

Tip: In some cultures and contexts, the term "Chai Tea" is redundant. So if you don't want to sound uninformed, leave out the "tea". When commonly used in the United States the term "Chai Tea" is not redundant as it is used in the colloquial to refer to the particular type of spiced milk tea served in India, a.k.a Masala tea.

Prominent Tea and Chai Brands

  • Taj Mahal Tea: The tea is carefully chosen from a thousand teas from the best gardens of Assam to give it an exquisite aroma and taste..
  • Kanan Devan tea is characterized by its unique taste preferred throughout South India.
  • Tata Tea : The Largest Tea Manufacturing Company in India.
  • North-Western Cachar Tea Company
  • Tea India - Pioneer in Tea manufacturing.Tea India is the largest producer of black teas and Only the finest Assam Teas are used for Tea India.
  • Golden Tips Tea Co. Pvt.Ltd. Manufacturer & Exporter of Packagers, Retailers, Wholesalers & Exporters of Tea in Handcrafted Gift Packaging.
  • Jhrighat Native Tea Co Ltd. - Manufacturer Exporter of Ctc Tea.
  • Shyam Tea Company -Manufacturer & Exporter of High Quality Assam CTC Tea.
  • Starbucks® beverages: Tazo® Chai Tea Latte. Taste the flavors of India in this steamed Tazo® blend of rare black teas, milk, exotic spices and comforting vanilla
  • Premiertea Ltd. - Premier's specializes in and is passionate about pure Chai be it Darjeeling from the foothills of Himalayas, Assam from the Blue Mountains or various Fruit, Flower or Spice Flavoured Tea.
  • Tata Tetley: The main products are different variants of tea bags and packet teas
  • Buy Organic Loose Leaf White Tea Online at the Best Tea Shop - California Tea House - Organic Loose Leaf White Tea Collection. Online Tea Shop - California Tea House. Highest Grade of Loose Leaf White Tea, Organic Herbal Tea And Blooming Tea

Articles on Chai/Tea

  • Indian Teas - Tea is a highly adaptable plant, a result of which is that tea is grown around the world. However, among the tea producing nations of the world India stands head and shoulders above any other. The total volume of tea produced in worldwide in recent years has surpassed 3 billion kgs, with India producing over 826 million kgs.
  • Chai Recipes There is nothing more soothing than the 'mutka' (clay cup) CHAI! My insides heave a sigh of contentment when the chai travels down my throat and into my tummy. Do try the 'mutka chai' while travelling through West Bengal on the train.
  • Benefits of Chai Tea is rich in antioxidants which fight cancer, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Tea also contains fluoride which kills oral bacteria and helps control bad breath.
  • Tea India
  • -Tirupur Exporters' Association - Business to Business Portal for Manufacturers and Exporters of knitwear knit wear and woven garments from Tirupur India.
  • Afternoon Tea Today in the USA - Tea is more popular than ever in America today. Currently, there is a re-awakening of interest in tea as many Americans seek a more positive, healthy lifestyle. Read more on stashtea.
  • Tea Talk- The Tea Man's Tea Talk brings comprehensive, accurate information about common tea, Camellia sinensis, provided by a cartel of tea experts
  • A chai latte is just the spiced tea mixed with milk that’s steamed from an espresso machine. I love the soft foamy texture the steamed milk adds to the chai.
  • Americans' Growing Taste For Tea Brews a Market
  • Chai spices up beverage segment: coffeehouses and bakery-cafes brew up new ideas for hot or iced tea drinks - Culinary Currents: Chai, a spiced tea drink that has been brewed for centuries in tiny stalls along the byways of Northern India, is claiming more and more space on beverage menus in coffeehouses, bakery-cafes and a growing number of other dining venues across America.
  • Garam Garam Chai - The many stimulative, rejuvenating properties of tea are well-known and studies do point out that drinking black tea lowers stress hormone levels.
  • Garam Chai- How spicy Madam ?? Its a masala tea made from fresh ingredients instead of tea masala.

Chai ... Not just Tea

The Term Chai is also used by others, not just to denote a cup of Tea

  • The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) strives to make treatment for HIV/AIDS more affordable and to implement large-scale integrated care, treatment, and prevention programs. Since its inception, CHAI has helped bring AIDS care and treatment to over 415,000 people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. Read more on
  • Garam Chai is a radio show that serves you refreshing cup of hot tea early in the morning.

The Hebrew "Chai" symbol of Judaism.

In Judaism, the Chai symbol consists of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet Het (ח) and Yod (י). In the Hebrew language, the word chai (חי) spelled by these two letters means "living", and is related to the word for "life", chaim, and also appears in the slogan am yisrael chai (עם ישראל חי, "The people of Israel lives!", referring to all Jews). There have been various mystical numerological speculations about the fact that according to the system of gematria, the letters of chai add up to 18 (see "Jewish use of the Tetragrammaton" and "Lamedvavniks"). Many Jews give gifts of money in multiples of 18 as a result. Source : Wikipedia

Though it's not pronounced with a "ch"sound but with a guttural "h

This symbol, commonly seen on necklaces and other jewelry and ornaments, is simply the Hebrew word Chai (living), with the two Hebrew letters Chet and Yod attached to each other. The concept of chai is important in Jewish culture. The typical Jewish toast is l'chayim (to life). Source : .




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