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Article by Mohan Babu


Working Abroad - Terrorist attack to affect tech related spending

With most major companies announcing layoffs and cutbacks in technology related spending, techies in the US are worried about the impact the recent terrorist attack will have on the already sagging economy, writes Mohan Babu

It was about seven thirty in the morning when I was getting ready for work, listening to the morning news, that, I heard a news-flash saying that the famous World Trade Center was being attacked by hijacked passenger airplanes. I tuned in my TV and remained glued to the screen before heading for work, listening to the news all the time. In the office people were huddled together and a manager brought a small TV set along with him. Needless to say, many of us spent a considerable amount of time on and off catching up with the tragedy unfolding.

As I write, details are emerging, but the fact remains incidents like these have a way of shaking the fabric of the economy, society and life. Even as dust settled after the worst attack ever on US soil, the US officials were saying that “freedom itself was attacked”.

Techies working in the US are not immune to incidents like these taking place around us. Just as we are an integral part of economic activities and business development, we are a part of incidents affecting life and society here. Dastardly terrorist activities leave the very fabric of our existence shaken.

Throughout the day, my co-workers in the office were highly disturbed, especially with fresh news about developments emerging every few minutes. websites of most big news agencies like the CNN, NBC, CBS and BBC were jammed with requests and down for most of the morning. It was interesting to see the reaction of my American colleagues, who were reacting to the trauma, especially since the terrorists had hit the most venerable of their institutions - the financial hub, World Trade Center and the seat of military power, Pentagon. The general reaction was that America needed to retaliate, and do it swiftly. Every time someone would be interviewed and the person expressed their anger and shock, the room would reverberate with the sentiment. For a terrorist attack to take place in their own home using their own planes was hard for most Americans to digest and feelings were running high.

Many offices across the country decided to evacuate their employees and even we were given an option to leave if we didn’t want to work. Of course, yours truly decided to stay back. I watched the drama unfold from my desk, taking part in the occasional gossip and catching up with the news.

Most people here are also worried about the impact this terrorist attack will have on the already sagging economy with most major companies announcing layoffs and cutbacks in technology related spending.

In the days to come, the death toll will mount and we will get a clearer picture of the bombing of the World Trade Center, but for now, we are content to console ourselves that in a violent world, we live to see another day.





About the Author

  • A Bio and profile of the author, Mohan Babu, can be found at his homepage
  • Mohan has authored a book on Offshoring and Outsourcing (Publisher McGraw Hill, India), a link to which can be found here
  • Mohan has also authored an Online book on "Life in the US," available for free download.
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    ©Mohan Babu: All Rights Reserved 2005

    Mohan Babu is an international consultant trying to find the ‘sweet spot’ where IT meets business. E-mail: mohan He is also the author of a recent book on "Offshoring IT Services"

    All rights are reserved. Mohan Babu ("Author") hereby grants permission to use, copy and distribute this document for any NON-PROFIT purpose, provided that the article is used in its complete, UNMODIFIED form including both the above Copyright notice and this permission notice. Reproducing this article by any means, including (but not limited to) printing, copying existing prints, or publishing by electronic or other means, implies full agreement to the above non-profit-use clause. Exceptions to the above, such as including the article in a compendium to be sold for profit, are permitted only by EXPLICIT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT of Mohan Babu. 

    Disclaimer: This document represents the personal opinions of the Author, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Author's employer, nor anyone other than the Author. This Article was originally published in Express Computers


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