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FAQ, Trivia and Information on Life in America: Ask-A-Desi

This section will attempt to address some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Life in the US, Canada and North America that immigrants, visitors and others from different cultures attempt to address. If you have any additional inputs or wish  to see more topics addressed, mail us at

General Trivia : Introduction //Dollars and Cents // Social Security Number // About Mail and USPS // Story of The Old Glory // Green Card– Why Not Green? // Telephone Area Codes // Convex Mirrors and Caution // Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 // Radio and TV Broadcasting // Consumerism: Trivia on Wal-Mart. // Retail Trivia // Gas Prices– What's 0.9 Cent? // Roads and Interstate Highways // Road Driving Trivia // Finance 101 // Daylight Saving Time // Trivia on Etiquette

About the contributors and research


The initial research for this section of and FAQs was done by several volunteers. Special credit goes to Mr. Srivathsa Joshi, who has provided some of the core content that he had blogged. According to Joshi, "It all started during January/February 2002 when USA was limping back to normalcy after a nightmare of incidents in 2001. I wanted to contribute my bit in giving a pep up to the dwindiling confidence and morale among friends. A mind-refreshing antidote and reassurance that yes, this country still has hopes for we immigrants who have come here with dreams of our own. It is not just to earn money or to lead a luxurious life we are here, but equally we are obliged to feel proud about the history, customs and systems of this country. GOD bless America and everyone!"

Facts and trivia in these mails are collected and compiled by Joshi from various sources – Websites, Books from the library, Newspapers, Radio/TV talk shows and so on. Neither he nor can vouch for the accuracy of the facts in this compilation. Pursuing his info-sharing interests, Srivathsa Joshi is presently writing an infotainment weekly column ( ) in Kannada for a Kannada web-portal and his column is quite popular among e-savvy Kannadiga population around the globe. He can be reached at srivathsajoshi _ a t _

Apart from Joshi, several of staff members volunteered time and effort to compile and edit the content. Comments and feedback may be sent to Webmaster _ a t _




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Trivia and Questions for Indians and Immigrants in America


FAQ Disclaimer: All information provided in these FAQ’s is deemed to be accurate by the author.  Due care has been exercised to ensure the veracity of this information and guidelines. However, there may be error (s) and omission (s) and all information is subject to change., and its affiliates do not assume any liability for the information provided herein. The reader is strongly recommended to confirm this information from official sources.

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