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Information on Canada Calling Cards, Calling Plans, Phone Rates and Deals

GaramChai Canada >> Canada, India and North America Calling

In this page of Canada section, you will find the best deals, calling plans, calling cards and information for Free and cheap calling including Voice over IP, VOIP deals from Canada to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other south asian regions. This site has extensive listing of cheap calling cards, calling plans, pre-paid and billed phone rates and plans for calling within the US, and from America to all corners of the globe -- US, UK, Europe, America, Canada, Asia, India, Australia. Please do not hesitate to point out any inaccuracies that you might notice.

India Calling Plans //  Free PC-To-Phone Deals //  Voice Over IP (VoIP) // Calling Plan Comparisons


India Calling Plans

Call India for for less with Pingo! Just 7.6 cents a min

Call around the world for as low as 2 cents with PennyTalk!

Calls as low as 2 cents Internationally from the U.S.

G3telecom - Great choices- G3 Prepaid auto plan and G3 prepaid plan; OnLine Account Statement with call details, great way to monitor and budget your calls. Service available from anywhere in Canada.

Raza.Ca - Quality India phone cards and calling cards online, cheap rates. Prepaid cards with a wide variety - Direct Connect features view account detail online, premium connections and much more. Also available monthly Pak, Prepaid Gift Cards.

Just Dial - Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards 3.3 ¢ per Minute within North America. 13.7 ¢ for India (Long Distance Rate/Plan). Benefits include - Use when traveling - worldwide PIN # provided, Rechargeable by phone or online.

Geo Tel Provides the lowest Long Distance rate to anywhere in the world. Clear connections, Use from Home, Office or Cell phone.Canada 3¢/Min, India 12.5¢/Min.

Reliance India Call - Gel low rates by keeping your existing long distance service provider. - Canada & USA . 4 ¢/min. after the first 20 minutes. 450TeL is committed to offering a high-quality low-cost product. 450TeL is only available from landlines in Ontario.

Great rate to Pakistan - only 11 cents a minute! - Home of Online Calling Cards (As low as 15.2 ¢/min) - One of the largest (and oldest) providers of long distance service to call from the U.S. to India. – Cheap Calling Cards - Cheap Calling Cards Call anywhere in India for 7.9 ¢ per minute, Pakistan for 6.8 ¢ per minute and best rates for all over the world. No monthly Fee, No need to switch your current service. Can be used from any phone (home, work or cell). - Call anywhere in India for 20 ¢ per minute. No need to switch your service, NO MONTHLY FEE. Not a Pre-Paid Calling Card! Works on your phone now.

Caution : Most of these  low rates offered by the Telcoms come with a catch - You need to call during off-peak hours. If your calling plans differ, do read the fine print. Of course there are other freebies that you can look forward to like Air-Miles etc. Do your research before signing up for any long distance service. Of course, it goes without saying caveat emptor    - Buyer beware.

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Free PC-To-Phone Plans and Deals

Unlimited calling within the US and Canada for $19.99 a month

Make international calls for as low as 3.9 cents a minute with WebPhone!

Stop paying a fortune for long distance!  Get WebPhone!

CallRewards - Make unlimited free phonecalls to any regular phone in the U.S. from your PC.

Cheap Long Distance - Use the calculator at to compare and find the cheapest long distance carriers in your area.

DeltaThree- Free PC-to-Phone calls from the US to Canada anytime.

Dialpad- Make unlimited free long-distance calls to anyone in the US at Dialpad.

MediaRing- FREE CALLS TO NORTH AMERICA AND CHINA...Call anyone in the US, Canada, and China for FREE!

Net Caller - Unlimited Internet Long Distance

Net2 Phone- Call from your PC to any Phone in the world for incredibly low rates.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) -- Calling over the internet

Visit our new VoIP Section of also

Packet8 offers VoIP calls for as low as $19.99 a month

Call around the world for as low as 2 cents with PennyTalk!

Net2Phone  - Ring any phone in the world with a pre-paid calling card. Long distance costs as little as a penny per minute.

Skype -
Peer to Peer (P2P) calls are free, but you can only connect with other Skype-heads.

SipPhone - Free calls to anywhere once you buy the $80 handset. But you can only call other IP phone fans.

Vonage.Ca - You can reach any conventional phone in the world using your existing handset (free adapter required). 

Calling Plan Comparisons 

Free LongDistance 

Hello Direct Your Online Telecom Resource 

PlanetServices- Complete Communications. 


Note: Page last updated: April 2014


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